Bits and Bytes: Moss Mania

Tabea loves Pony Ryder. She is gorgeous!

Naomi‘s diva image is balanced with such generous acts of kindness like her appearance in Mumbai to raise money for the November 26th terrorist attack.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld, on having the most stylish woman in the world as your mom.

Nicola Formichetti brings back some 90’s videos (see the younger Mark Vanderloo chat with Mike Campbell)

Speaking of Mark Vanderloo, meet him yourself tomorrow.

British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman chats about fear of flying and her 17 years in the business.

Esquire publishes its first spring edition of the Big Black Book. Look for more work on your favorite male models.

Andrey goes down memory lane with Warhol polaroids, check out Grace Jones, Diane Von Furstenburg, Sonia Rykiel, Paloma Picasso, Cheryl Tiegs, Debbie Harry and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria all looking iconic.

Tatiana’s a little twisted but so are we… her take on French Vogue‘s motherhood shoot with Lily Donaldson.

Nicole Trunfio is the next big media mogul (according to Fashion Week Daily).

Kate Moss affirms why she’s number 1 on MDC’s icon and money lists with her Topshop line debuting to frenzied fans in Soho yesterday.

Ph: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott for Topshop

  1. loved the link to the male models from the 90’s. sadly so much hotter than today’s! what happened?… 🙁

  2. Love Kate and all, but the topshop does not affirm her as number one on the money list. The Icon list is subjective, but the money list isn’t. Gisele earns nearly 3 times as much. Gisele is indisputably the highest paid model ever. We all love Kate but the bias is a little silly IMO.

  3. Lol Tinko, and where would you get these numbers?
    Gisele is no longer a VS angel remember (since 07), that was the one contract that made her multi-millions (over several years).
    Kate has booked far more campaigns recently than her. I don’t know the numbers but I think it’s quite likely she’s the highest paid model. Gisele was once the highest paid model, but certainly hasn’t been since her VS time.
    Love Gisele, but Kate is 4ever!

  4. Gisele earned 35 million last year.
    According to Forbes there is no other model even close to that amount.
    And yes, no VS included.

  5. I think she’ll be number one on the icon list for a VERY long time. I have no doubt that future fashionistas will know who Kate Moss is. She a god damn legend!

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