Men of Honor

Edward Kim brings together some of the industry’s biggest male models for Details magazine’s special editorial by John Balsom. The male supermodels are in full effect and looking phenomenal in laid back styles chosen by Allan Kennedy.

Oriol Elcacho

Tyson Ballou

RJ Rogenski

Brad Kroenig

Ben Hill
Arthur Kulkov
Tommy Dunn

Sasha Knezevic

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  1. Lookin good Tyson!! I love it that Details uses models for multi page edits, and they are TOP models too. I would have loved to see Noah and Sean O., but the rest of the guys are working it quite well.(RJ and some of the older guys are working more and more again; testament that maybe time to revisit Icons, no?) I kinda regard Details as our solution to having a L’officiel or Vogue Hommes. They usually do an all around good job.

  2. Oh Oriol, Oriol. where for art thou Oriol..
    It’s almost Christmas.

    Love Ben Hill in this, so deserved.

    Tommy Dunn gets me everytime! and I certainly love me a good foot shot!

    What a sexy edit – tasteful, inspired, rich and classic. A seamless composition of intricate simplicity, weight and male magnetism. One of the top male spreads of the year.

  3. Tohle to jsou typicky krásní chlapy….ale myslim si že dneska už letí něco jiného ..ted mi prijde ze se hodne uprednostnuji roztomily klucí a sladousi 🙂 ale jenom nazor 🙂 kazdopadne mooc pekny modelové

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