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With the average age of newbie models falling somewhere in the teens and a dearth of barely legal bloggers, stylists and editors, fashion can be a little youth obsessed. How often do you open up the pages of your favorite glossy and see a mature face staring back at you? Definitely not often enough.

On Friday V‘s ‘Who Cares About Age’ Issue hits newsstands and it offers up a refreshing mix of notable beauties old enough to have a little life experience under their Prada belts. From modeling legends like Carmen dell’Orefice and China Machado, to heavy hitters like photographer Martine Malle and Visionaire’s Cecilia Dean, all photographed looking edgy, sexy and glamorous – just like we’d expect from V. Take a look at this exclusive preview of images from the issue and tell us why you think we don’t see enough images of older women and men in magazines. (Check out VMagazine, out now)

Carol Alt by Cedric Buchet

China Machado by Glen Luchford

Martine Malle by Cedric Buchet

Talisa Soto by Glen Luchford

Pat Cleveland
by Cedric Buchet

  1. PAT CLEVELAND ROCKS Jesus i cant believe its really her!!!!! And China always looking aristocratic…awesome!!

    Janelle, i have to tell you that today i had a really good dose of fashion information and pictures to collect! Thank you!

  2. Good to know I am not the only one who thinks it’s lame that all models have to be prepubescent.

    Can a lot of 16 year old girls afford to buy Dolce, Donna Karen, Miu Miu? No- so explain to me, by using child models, who are you marketing too?

    Bravo V.

  3. I genuinely can’t understand why any big name brand aimed at woem who can actually afford the clothes would want Karlie Kloss or Abbey Lee advertising their clothes when they could have the likes of the goddess that is Ms Talisa Soto. Thank god the proper legendary Supers are returning to save us from the modelling mediocrity we have had to suffer for the last few years.

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