The Legacy of Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin’s ‘double page spread’ became a landmark in the history of advertising photography. With 300 images, In Between re-assembles many of the original image layouts as they were published in magazines such as French Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Italy, Harper’s Bazaar, offering a new and illuminating critical context to the creative process.

Here are several iconic images from the new Guy Bourdin book, In Between, edited by Shelley Verthime and designed by Pascal Dangin. All images courtesy of Art & Commerce, from The Estate of Guy Bourdin. (Buy it here)

  1. Or for mert and Marcus making a career from ripping off Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton. People have very short memories….

  2. Everyone has their influences but to steal directly from 2 photographers for a decade is something else. I for one wont be lining up for a Mert and Marcus book in 10 years when I have already got the originals in Guy & Helmut. Don’t get he wrong M&M are talented .. but they are far from original.

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