Bits & Bytes: Saverio on L’OHL

New kid. New Magazine. Saverio Rotini in L’Officiel Hommes Levant (that’s the Middle East region to us laymen). Check out more images from the story here.

Ooh. Catfight. Check out the dueling biographies on Isabella Blow.

We love Helmut Newton and we always love a good story about Mr Newton.

See Nick Knight when he talks to BOF, next week in London.

American Vogue‘s Best Dressed of the Decade includes, unsurprisingly, Kate Moss. What do you think of their other choices?

Who do you think will appear with Tom Ford on the cover of December Vogue Paris?

Who doesn’t revere Guy Bourdin? The iconic photographer’s son talks to the NY Times about his father’s legacy… His new monograph, In Between is an incredible retrospective of his career with so many of his best images (see below), gorgeously printed. A must buy (get it here)!

  1. I agree Jeremy. I have always wondered why we don’t have our own Numero (Homme), or a Vogue Hommes US. American fashion mags are not as edgy as some other international mags, and compared to the publications that come out of Paris, Milan, and sometimes even Tokyo, America doesn’t seem to be in the forefront. .:-( Nonetheless, I love the publications that we do have.

  2. BTW. I really think Joan Smalls will be on the cover with Tommy Boy. I hear he has a slight obsession with her.

  3. personally, i think america has ruined enough culturally stimulating things for the time being. not everything has to be focused on an already too conceited america.

  4. Kate Moss deserves the award Best Dressed of the Decade. She always looks timelessly cool, modern and classic at the same time.

    Sarah J Parker came as close second, but it’s her alter ego and TV persona, The Legendary and Beloved, Carrie Bradshaw that really is the one calling the shots and deserve the Award! Lol

    Blake Lively is hot, hot, HOT!!! that Girl has the body to wear Couture and the best and gorgeous cleavage on TV.

  5. i think the cover of l’officiel is just amazing..
    perfect colors..
    perfect outfit…
    and an amazing model to be a new “kid”

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