The Dance

Will Davidson takes things to the next level in the latest issue of Twin with an inspired dance themed editorial styled by Naomi Miller. The dark and dramatic story has Claudia Mason and a team of dancers twisting and turning themselves into knots for a series of poses that push their boundaries; the expressive (and flexible) team makes for a truly engaging story.

  1. i cant see Claudia´s face, although i know from previous pictures that she looks fantastic…but the greenish background, the twisting people…..thats sooo Dsquared (linda and naomi) and Interview (naomi)…

  2. Nice conceptually, and Claudia is lovely, but the second image from top with Claudia in a state of orgasmic looking bliss is the only image that really works well here, the others are far too contrived.

  3. Claudia M is AMAZING!!! One of my all time favourites. It’s really about time she had a proper supermodel resurgence. Fingers crossed it’s on it’s way.

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