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The new issue of Client hits out with two special covers featuring Jordan Coulter & River Viiperi looking divine in black and white; the dual covers shot by Karl Simone and Saverio Cardia, represent the elegant yet edgy look the magazine is all about. Inside Client’s pages the focus is on luxurious menswear with Chiun-Kai Shih shooting an exclusive preview of Tom Ford’s latest collection.

Jordan Coulter

Jules Hamilton

Arthur Sales

River Viiperi

  1. How can Julia say this is an almost exact copy of the Kai Z Feng image of Sid Ellisdon??….she must be blind….the ONLY similarities are that they are both males, shot in black and white, with some smoke…. Both are amazing images, but no way are they at all similar in feeling, compositon, model pose or lack of cigarette!!

  2. working in fashion an interest in fashionn is crucial janelle
    maybe next time check your sources before going to print.
    food for thought.

  3. Client is a great magazine, it seems to be going from strength to strength, very impressive for such a young magazine. I love the second image too.

  4. Hate to burst your bubble Maxx, but I’m very interested in fashion, in spite of making a typo every now and then.

    Here is a little food for thought for you, contrary to popular belief an interest in fashion doesn’t necessitate a catty demeanor. Put the claws away and relax, enjoy the silly video and beautiful men. I know the unwritten code of the blog-o-sphere dictates that whenever a blogger makes an error someone has to be there to jump down their throat, but as I said earlier everyone makes mistakes. When last I checked those didn’t indicate an interest, or lack thereof, only a bit of faulty typing.

    But then again, maybe this is all part of my plot to bring the fashion industry down from the inside.

  5. Its Jules Hamilton from ADAMN NYC. He is in the 2,3, and 5th picture. I wonder why they never give him credit for any ediotial he does. this kid needs an account. He has been on vouge hommes japan, man about town, this client magaine, and now is shooting for German GQ. get with it

  6. I think its funny you deleted my comment.. it must show you ( are embarrassed. it wasnt an offensive comment at all and there was no need to delete it. Thanks for adding the credit for jules.. well deserved since he has more images here than any of the other models. nevertheless, you still should leave comments unless offensive or detrimental in anyway. Lets see if youll delete this one πŸ˜‰ have a great day!

  7. Janelle you are a star, I’ve worked with River I’m pretty sure he would find your mistake amusing, especially your video, Max needs to get himself a life.

  8. Ben, your comment was in the moderation queue, it wasn’t deleted. Before a comment is published it goes into a moderation queue. When you hit publish and see your comment on the post it is not visible to anyone but you. Afterwards a moderator has to approve it, almost nothing winds up deleted so if you don’t see your comment its probably because it hasn’t been approved yet.

    Regarding embarrassment, don’t worry about me, the only thing I’m ashamed about today is the time I spent looking at pictures of Jon Hamm before work. I’m never getting that 45 minutes back…




    thanks πŸ˜€

  10. how can they even compare the picture from the first cover to the one River is in, Rivers cover is just AMAZING!… love saverio cardia, he knows what he wants!

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