Lurve Lea

Lea T lands on the cover of Lurve with a stunning black and white shot by Carlotta Manaigo. The couture dress and marble columns add to the feeling of classical drama, but Lea brings a presence all her own to the shoot. Clad in Givenchy (naturally) and styled by Maher Jridi, Lea looks phenomenal and the striking cover makes for another boundary breaking first.

  1. I didn’t like it, she looks awkward, almost like she didn’t make an effort to look haute couture like her givenchy outfit!

    She doesn’t look professional like before!

  2. I don’t like how the picture on the cover is centered, it’s so wrong visually. The leg cut is strange: should be lower or higher

  3. Concerning the 2nd cover released -with Ashley Smith-, it’s maj but looks like a copy of Muse mag with Natasha Poly
    Lurve it anyway

  4. I don’t what all the fuss about Lea T is about. Just b/c she’s transgendered? It’s rather provincial to give someone that much attention just because of that. If she were biologically a woman, she wouldn’t get nearly as much attention. Why not give work to one of the other girls who don’t have to depend on the notoriety and is just a great model?

  5. Scallyway and eek; you have to understand that Lea T is not in fact an ordinary model or just another girl. She is indeed a transgendered woman who by default is not just ‘ordinary’. Fashion is a great way to raise awareness to transgendered individuals and by claiming that she is nothing special, you are devaluing her existence. She has actually been on a ‘(inter)national cover’ (Givency) and since she is an amazing model, I’m sure she will bring originality and innovation to the fashion world.

  6. I think she’s absolutely stunning. A commenter suggesting that she’s getting more attention because she’s transgender, but for me, that has nothing to do with it. I just think she’s one of the most breathtaking models I’ve seen in a long time.

  7. its like a vision- an old european movie or a detail in history. lea tells a story. i dont know who wouldnt like to photograph her. she is more than a model.

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