The Dark Arts

When a photographer wants a model who can tap into all that is brooding and foreboding there is a very short list of girls he or she can rely on. The name at the very top of that list is none other than Jamie Bochert, her mysterious look lends itself to the extremes of fashion. Greg Kadel gives Bochart free reign to unleash her dark side within the pages of the latest Numero. Armed with a cigarette holder and heaps of attitude Jamie looks completely at home in the hypnotic world Kadel creates.

  1. las fotos estan muy bien, salvo por el hecho de que el cigarrillo no produce humo. ¿es un cigarrillo ecologista, o que? …si hubiesen colocado humo se hubiera visto más realista.

  2. The girl is totally unusual “charismatic”, with such an “aura” …you wanna see more of her, all about her is “mystery”!

  3. more of a naughty witchy look
    her eyes specially her looks they are giving an amazing touch

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