Candice Does Copenhagen

Will Candice Swanepoel be the next angel to crossover into the high fashion realm? Mario Testino seems to think so, the famed photographer just shot Candice for a steamy shoot in VMAN’s latest issue and had this to say about the blonde beauty.

“Candice is an amazing new find for me. Gorgeous, free, fun. I decided to do the whole trip on her visiting Denmark. She was awesome and did not feel inhibited. She made the shoot an amazing experience. The guys were in awe of her.”

That is high praise coming from Mario! For more from the VMAN story check out our exclusive preview of Candice Does Copenhagen, a steamy story that is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

  1. well if Mario is already singing high praises about her, it can only get better! way to go candice. she is stunning.

  2. Michael, if it looks chip to you, can you not leave a comment? the shot is fantastic
    iam horny too Natasha, this is amazing!!!

  3. I don’t like Candice so much, and… a thing like this won’t contribute to change my mind I guess…
    She simply doesn’t meet (for how she is, and especially what she did so far) “my personal conception of what attractive and sexy is”, but even if most of the times I see her I simply think “No, thanks…”, I absolutely have to admit she’s such a stunner, that’s for sure! 🙂

  4. Buns of Steel?

    Love or hate her, Candice is the Hottest VS Angel right now,. slowly replacing Adriana Lima as the hottest resident Bombshell.

    I think she’ll be going all the way to the Top.

  5. I always thought she had a strong resemblance to Megan Fox. I was surprised when Michael Bay chose Rosie over her for Transformers, but maybe it was an accent thing? She just seemed like a seamless replacement to me.

  6. I always liked Candice, way before she became a VS moodel. Was really surprised when she got picked for that, amazing body but I always thought her face was more for high-end fashion.. and here she is now. Of course this is still sexy, still could be a VS catalog, but just getting Testino’s interest is a huge start!!

  7. tgi, its called criticism: when something doesnt work, damn it, lets not push it under the rug.

    and she looks like shes flexing her ass just a little too much.

    sprezzatura, people.

  8. Precious. Natural beauty, fashion with no clothes limited, nude body for human dignity.
    Wellcome to naturity.

  9. Victoria secrets is the best.I like it very’s really different & special. Thanks for victorious team.

  10. I think Candice is great…for sure she is the best VS model and Im sure she is going far in the HF industry….im sure she can do it!!!….Mario Testino very important in the industry, so i bellieve in his opinion

  11. I like Candice, but I don’t think this photograph is that special (and not just because of her). As for who is the best Victoria’s Secret model, I much prefer Rosie to Candice. I’d also suggest Alessandra or Miranda for the top spot. This is not to say that Candice isn’t sexy; of course she is – she’s a VS model.

  12. Sure, she can be high-fashion model at the moment. But, one thing is that she never can be SUPERMODEL in both of areas, mass market and blue chip market.

    Only VS is her only biggest contract ever but, high-fashion?…too sexy…too cookie cutter with edgy from her eyes. However,she looks commercial from time to time. Because her facial feature and bone structure are nothing but ordinary.Her asset is BODY, that’s it.

    No wonder, VS signed her because of it. She looks across between Cameron Diaz and Diane Kruger sometimes. Only difference is her face is too round, almost chubby.

    Well, only time will tell.

  13. This is disturbing, and more tacky than Vicotria’s Secret adds. I’m not saying I dislike VS, but I think they should reconsider who they hire as their “Angels”.

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