Away We Stay

Top models and advertising often go hand and hand, but what happens when a brand outside the realm of fashion utilizes famous faces to add a touch of glamour to their repertoire? To celebrate the launch of W Hotel’s London outpost a new film ‘Away We Stay’ takes two of the industry’s most recognizable faces – Helena Christensen and David Gandy and casts them as would be lovers. The engaging short film written and directed by Edoardo Ponti, and produced by Katrina Pavlos presents a familiar romantic dilemma. Faced with the choice between her thriving career as a fashion photographer and running away with a handsome stranger, Christensen’s character, Alex must choose love or success.

  1. Oh Em Gee….. Beautiful!!!

    Helena Christensen is a definition of a Handsome woman.

    What did Alex do next?

    i’m staying tuned!

  2. I agree with Camiel, I was surprised by how well done this is.

    If we could only get Karl Lagerfeld to stop making movies. ha

  3. Ha! – Peter I love you..though, you already know.

    What an incredibly beautiful short.
    David was great – Helena was perfection!
    I just fell in love with this… 🙁

    I demand a miniseries!

  4. Honestly, Helena is a revelation!

    She can convey different emotions just by her eyes alone. Isn’t that what true acting is all about? Those eyes are expressive. I felt every emotions and longings. What a fine wine she become…..

    Sorry Gandy, but as perfect as you are, Helena stole every scene.

    Nigel S….. You know you love me!


  5. It was definitely very good for a fashion story in a film format. Is this the future of fashion? Will video take over photo? Or is this just a part? I guess it’s all speculation from here.

  6. David Gandy is apparently “quite ugly these days” … I often think the comments section of MDC is plagued by 12 year olds, it’s sometimes beyond pathetic.

  7. Hahahaha Eamon, so true! Pay attention Baptiste, watching him act is painful. But this I feel was really beautiful. I think David Gandy should really do a lot more acting and HELENA!!! She made you really believe the scene. Loved this!

  8. See. That we like, two stunning top models turning actor/actress! Fantastic twist of the modelling world!

    Hope I can do the same one day 🙂

  9. The forehead at 2.06 is amazing. Shivers down the spine stuff, reminiscent of Brando’s debut night in A Streetcar Named Desire.

  10. I wonder if those people that hate this have seen on what this short film was based on. 100% what pleases you? Do you read books? Do you only watch American Pie type movies? Please…..

  11. I liked the film but it seemed to lack an adequate story line.. and it is very unrealistic
    but overall great performance

  12. I can’t believe David is not a Hollywood go to man. He’s the handsomest man walking around in London and any other place on the planet. He’s a very natural and believable actor. All I can say is, “Damn he’s good.”

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