Star Girls

British Vogue enlists Mario Testino to shoot their favorite models, for a special portfolio of industry superstars that combines several generations of stars; from seasoned supermodels, to brand new girls they feel have the right stuff. Do you like the Brit Vogue lineup or are they missing a few great girls from this illustrious list?

Kate Moss

Natalia Vodianova

Lily Donaldson & Stella Tennant

Naomi Campbell

Sasha Pivovarova & Carmen Kass

Claudia Schiffer

Edie Campbell & Georgia May Jagger

Freja Beha Erichsen

Lara Stone

Daria Werbowy & Angela Lindvall

Karlie Kloss

  1. for some reason edie campbell is also in this ed she and georgia do not belong. but this is a nice editorial.

  2. i TOTALLY agree with Joe and Judelove! a few models missed out and a few thrown in that don’t need to be in there (Edie and Georgia I’m talking to you)
    No Jourdan, no Raquel ZIMMERMANN! No Raquel ZIMMERMANN, but they found room for Edie and Georgia? this is why i didnt buy this issue, even with Naomi, Kate and Freja in it. sad times.

  3. I am so over Naomi…. Jagger shouldn’t be on there- if it weren’t for her last name she would be a no one. What is she- 5’7″? I do not understand the appeal of Lily Donaldson. What about some of the new great girls, like Abby Lee, or Anna S or Julia N, Lisanne, Paula?


  4. Missing a few of the greats. Where is Linda Evangelista?? Aside from her great contributions to fashion, she’s also the one who gave Mario Testino his first big gig for Vogue Germany way back in the day…

  5. Natalia Vodianova would make the Hottest Victoria’s Secret Billboard Angel…… just look at that FACE!!!

    Slap her the wings and all she needs to do is gazed at the cameras….. Brilliance!

    That Face will literally Stop Traffic.

    But instead we got Candice swanepoel looking perfect, but Blank….. or no soul. Lol

  6. Excuse my ignorance but I don’t understand the appeal of Karlie Kloss. She looks the same in every photograph (that death stare with her chin down) and I think she looks quite ordinary. I can see why the other girls are such big names (minus the 2 mentioned above) but I just don’t get it with her.

  7. If I may be somewhat diplomatic:

    An editorial like this is impossible. There are countless amazing girls. We can talk forever about who was missed.

    No Linda, Christy, no twiggy (it is Brit Vogue after all), no jourdan, Raquel, Hana S, etc etc etc.

    But the girls they did pick are wonderful. It’s a big risk to talk about fav girls for a fashion spread. Someone will always get left behind.

  8. Georgia May Jagger???Come on!!!
    Where is Gisele or Raquel Zimmerman???
    Well…but I must confess that the most of the girls that are on the list would be on mine too: Daria, Natalia, Kate Moss and Claudia (obvious) …

  9. Naomi baby!
    There’s another – better photo of Naomi from the same issue – Smashing!

    And Daria….!

    On this list – I’d include my dearest Isabeli, Raquel, Abbey. The styling on Lara is die for..which I am for the tailed-blazer on Freja

  10. I want my hair to be styled like Claudia Schiffer’s hair… Curling irons, hair extensions, hot rollers, I have tried and tried. But on the whole love these photos. LOVE this girl Edie DEF doing Penelope Tree! And yes, would have liked to see Coco Rocha, we all have our own personal faves… Don’t really get Karlie, OK but not iconic. But the rest of the girls, just smashing! LOVE the outfits and stying, very fun rockstar sexy trashy glam!!!

  11. you dont like karlie because she’s very young…but I think that she’s gorgeous with her amazing walk, body and face… so please shut up 😉

  12. I don’t like it that Georgia is on this. LOL but all the others are gorgeous and good choices. But if this is my mag I would choose Coco Rocha as well.. =D

  13. Wow Lara has such great tits, Naomi too!

    Daria, very elegant as always.

    I love Georgia Jagger, I know a lot of people don’t but she’s got a really great face imo.

    Claudia Schiffer looks delicious, there’s no other word to describe how she looks here!

  14. I agree with Peter, there’s something supernatural about Natalia. I am having a problem with the photo: her body mostly disappears within the clothes, it’s difficult to see her posture and it mostly stops her from creating a line or a movement. Her waist pretty much disappears. It’s an OK picture but seems like a wasted opportunity for an awesome picture. She seems to me to be all about movement, why have her sit?

  15. Naomi never aged, her body is so tight.

    What does she do for fitness? I’ve never seeseen her walking out in a gym or running or yoga.

    Cindy and Claudia has fitness videos, gisele does yoga…… Naomi never works out as she claims to be? HerHer muscle tone is pitch perfect by the way.

  16. Shout out to Daria W….

    You look amazing in those H&M commercials……

    that song Mannish Boy, keeps playing over and over again in my head. Lol

  17. Freja and Natalia looking great as always, Daria is also a favourite so deserves a mention. Obviously Kate, Carmen, Claudia and Naomi are staples and I’ll agree with putting Lara, Angela, Sasha and Lily in for good measure, but i never quite got what all the hype was about Stella, same goes for Karlie Kloss. Georgia May is the ‘now’ girl, but not a ‘star’ just yet, and I have not the slightest idea what Edie Campbell is doing there, she’s barely a rookie!!
    Where is Natasha Poly? Gemma Ward? Gisele Bundchen? MariaCarla Boscono? Liya Kebede? Abbey Lee Kershaw? Anja Rubik? Jessica Stam? Helena Christensen? … You missed a ‘few’ stars, and cast a few duds. Sorry BV.

  18. People are funny. Isn’t this all about BRITISH VOGUE FAVORITES?? Not really about our favorites, and who we think should or shouldn’t be in the edit. These ladies have indeed had lots of face time in UK Vogue and deserve to be here. I have to agree that even though Georgia is doing Chanel now (and her recent Versace stint), I still don’t think she and Edie are near as relevant. I guess we’ll see what happens at the turn of the season. (SS11 campaigns, Feb/March mag covers/edits)

  19. Everybody needs to relax on hating on Georgia. I agree that not everybody adores her, and some people believe she’s not established, but Mario Testino was asked to select HIS favourites, as well as the models who he thinks have the potential to become supermodels and great in the future. Georgia already has Chanel right now and I personally agree with Testino that she will be a huge model given at least a year. Also I believe this is Testino’s favourite models, but it also is supermodels, and with that said I have a few favourites I would have thought were appropriate to be in here.

    I think he should have included; Daria W, Gisele, Abbey Lee, and Natasha Poly.

    I still believe it’s a great editorial, great job British Vogue !

  20. BV has to give more than 100 pages to Mario Testino for this if all his favourite models are included. The cast here is already super!!!

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