1. Some very nice work by Christian, a little stark but works well with the theme! Want to see the whole story in full!

  2. AMAZIIINNNGGGGG! Both of them look incredible! I love Christian’s work behind the camera!excited to see him as a photographer also!!!

  3. I just realized, its a self portrait story! Genius!! (look at the cable even) Go Christian!
    Being a fan of Patti, by the looks of this, i think they pretty much nailed it! Cant wait to see the full story!!!

  4. freja is bony omg! her body is no different than that skinny guy, boring editorial not worthy of daily feed, i wana see gorgeous pix

  5. Freja’s body is amazing for fashion photography. She and Anja Rubik are “The Body ” of fashion.

  6. I like it!! As I understand, the story is a self protrait and I think the pic are showing the real Cristian. To take Freja with him in the story is perfect they mach perfect together. Well done Christian!!!!

  7. Google Patti Smith and Robert and tell me they didnt capture them?! this may be confusing to some, it seems, and now hold on to you hats, but i dont think they intended this to be your the overly retouched, plain monotone background, jumping, happy happy joy joy shoot? its exactly what should be in the daily feed, please! This is GREAT, cant wait to see it in full!

  8. I do not know, but from shooting to public it takes 4-5 month, I just love the story and taking shooting of them with cable is such a funny idea. I still think good work Chritian!!! Look forward to followed you in the future

  9. U mag featured a shoot AN ODE TO PATTI AND ROBERT about 3 months ago! and its much better!!!! CHECK IT OUT!

    Although I do love Freja… superstar indeed.

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