Viva Vanity!

Vanity Fair continues its love affair with Gisele Bundchen, placing the supermodel on the cover of its May issue with a steamy Mario Testino pictorial and what promises to be an equally revealing interview. It’s no surprise that VF has chosen the supermodel to grace its cover given their almost 10 year support of her rise to the top. looks back with a retrospective of every Vanity Fair appearance by La Bundchen, from a baby faced Gisele as Lady Godiva on a white horse to the all grown up Mrs. Brady looking sensual in a Manhattan apartment.

Gisele Bunchen by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair April 2009

Gisele by Walter Chin

Gisele by Walter Chin for Vanity Fair January 2000

  1. I like her with the brown hair like in the last picture. Why does every model get blonder as they get more famous? I think dark hair suited her way more. She looks healthy and glowing in the last picture. She still looks good now of course but she was perfect before and didn’t need to change her hair.

  2. she can just be any coor she wants…or haircut…the dior ad s awesome..just bcoz of her…n in person rockssss

  3. “How I’ll Solve the Financial Crisis”…hilarious!

    This is a great cover of which there is no doubt in my mind that it coincides with May opening of the “Model as Muse” exhibition at the Met. Of all the models being showcased from the era represented, Gisele is the only one that can move covers these days. Some of the models are dead, others no longer model, and Linda and Christy are now considered “too old” to capture the pop culture audience that Vanity Fair is trying to reach. It seems this is also true for Kate, too, at least in the U.S. Gisele is perfect.

  4. I love the pic of her in that bustier swimsuit thing on a balcony of a NY apt. Makes me think of that legendary pic of Elsa Peretti by Helmut Newton wearing something similar and a bunny cap on a midtown balcony.

    As for the other pics, I get why they feel she can only be interesting when she’s practically naked in every pic. It appeals to men, it’s commercial, etc. But, to me, she’s one of those models who is more interesting in her real life than when she’s made to be a va-va-voom sexpot. I know she hates the paparzzi (understandably), but I love their pics of her walking around in jeans, boots and the inevitable scarf. She’s so simple and gorgeous in her every day life.

  5. She is number one !!! and she is from Brazil !!! That’s why she is so different from the others!!!
    She will be our queen for ever !!!

  6. Viva La Gisele Bundchen!! She still looks so fineee and beautiful as usual. She will always be GISELE!! That cover is DIVINE!!

  7. I completely agree with “K”. Gisele has made herself as an ultimate household name. She can never be “boring” or “old” because no one can ever move covers, catalogues, shows, editorials, billboards, and ads like Bundchen. She is the best there is. And even though there is new blood working their way to the top no one will ever be able to accomplish as much as Gisele has. With her model awards, magazine covers, and multi-million dollar campaigns, no one will ever covet the title of “ubermodel” like Gisele.

  8. …and no supermodel has ever surpassed the accomplishments and record salary of what Gisele has made at her age of 28. She should be the ONLY model who deserves to have her own “Hollywood Star” on the walk of fame.

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