Signs of the Times

British Vogue has always been adept at capturing the whimsical side of fashion and this month they go all out with a special story by Tim Gutt that takes cues from astrology. With Siri Tollerod expressively playing all the signs and set designer Shona Heath contributing some truly inspiring sets and costumes to compliment Kate Phelan‘s styling, this edit is a whole lot of fun. Do you think the outfits match the signs? Let us know in the comments!

Virgo in Christopher KaneTaurus in Dolce & Gabbana
Scorpio in Altuzarra

Pisces in Miu Miu

Aquarius in a special costume designed by Shona Heath

Sagittarius in Givenchy

Capricorn in Chloe

Leo in Lanvin

Aries in Alexander McQueen

Gemini in Stella McCartney

Cancer in Nina Ricci

Libra in Louise Goldin

Image Credit | Scanned by Gossiping @ tFS

  1. wow I love it when they add art+fashion+supermodel=turns to a piece that could become classical…in the mirror picture you can see how the photoshoped her face on the left.

  2. one of the best editorials that I’ve ever seen in YEARS!!! loved the story ,the colors ,the world they created is so fantastic!!

  3. this is not a fashion editorial. It’s a wonderful fashion art spread. These images could be in an art museum. So wonderful. Lucky Siri getting cast for this job. Those images will be remembered.

  4. This looks like it is from a story book.
    So cute and lovely. Siri fits definitely with her girly look.

  5. Would have been better if they did them exclusively in couture houses. Astrology in houses/Couture Haus? HAHA.


  6. Love… 1984’s Splash meets the later 80’s.
    Such a smooth, pitch perfect confection.
    The quirk and “fingerness” of the Scorpio images is perhaps my favorite but Leo in Lanvin is certainly the star of the set.

    A bit less than enthused with the Gemini image – though its obscene alien nature is rather definitive and is perhaps the sharpest of the bunch.. Conflicting status – the woes and beauty of the zodiac. Job well executed by the creative team!

  7. β™₯ how they conceptualized the shoot! like, as a taurus, it is refreshinf to be symbolized by a toreador rather than the bull… thankyou, british vogue!

  8. some of these images are nice, but others, such as the females buried heads, and woman in the garbage can symbolize women as a body without a head or brain, a piece of meat, and a disposable commodity to throw away in the trash, its demeaning, and you would rarely if ever see a male in an ad campaign portrayed this way

  9. I WOULD have loved this editorial (but Frida’s beauty editorial would ahve still been my favourite) had it not been for stupid pisces. As a pisces myself I am deeply offended that not only could they not be bothered to incorporate the sign into the picture, fish aren’t exactly difficult (yes there are sardine tins, and kind of the shoes, but crap effort is being kind), but they decided the next best thing was to be in a bin.
    What Joy.
    ps. If anyone gets this please tell me, I am so confused and it realy lets the ediotrial down.

  10. Siri looks amazing like always! Seeing her in this makes me think that DNA is going to do great things with her and soon she’ll really blow up like she should have long ago. Go Siri!

  11. incredible… but a little let down on Aquarius (my sign) – Aquarius is an Air sign & the Water Carrier, not a fish! πŸ™

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