1. ew. its disgusting how this people let a photographer, get them naked,piled up with a different sex and be infront of a crew… money and fame is nt worth of you being “paid” to go nude….YUCK!

  2. nice editorial.

    the photography (the close up shots anyway) is a mere fraction of john akehurst’s beauty editorial and advertising work (nina ricci and amy lemmons for kors) from the 90’s which were truly sublime.

  3. Amazing , but weres the black model ?
    Steven Misel is always about the black model but i still havent seen one yet .
    sad -.-

  4. yeah, nudity is everywhere. but at least this is soft and pretty. too bad they’re laying in dead animals.

  5. i didn’t notice that two of the girls in the last shot are guys until I looked at it for the third time… beautiful editorial!

  6. I love it, but the photos look a little to bright for me.

    People, it’s just nudity. I personally think fur is more upsetting than naked people.

  7. Andrej is so beautiful! Seeing models in nude is just another art form to me that express elegance & peace(Hippie w/ High Fashion)

  8. I saw the whole editorial, and imo something more could come out from the starting concept. About “naturalness” of the whole thing, and just visually too…

    And yes, GENERALLY “nudity” somehow reached a saturation point, but… I still think it can be good, if not expressed “by itself”, nudity for nudity, if nudity isn’t a mere visual concept; and doesn’t become just a way to express sex or cause sexual excitement.
    But you know, even sex “in everyday life” most of the times only refers to itself, it’s pure self-referentiality, self-referentiality generally seems THE bane!, so I’m kind of resigned and unhopeful…


  9. I studied all her editorials and i came into conclusion that Iselin Steiro is the Best poseris ever there’s an award for it.

    She always give that extra something. No wonder, Steven Meisel is a fan!

    Is she the best? Thoughts?.. comments??

  10. Come on!! Same old same old, show real man, this androgynous kids are boring, either used only girls for the shoot or a real man and a girl so we can see who is who.

  11. i don’t think its gratuitous or anything, but even ertiswtically this doesn’t do anything for me… and the modeling isn’t particularly impressive.

  12. The whole fur thing is awful. Anyone that wears furs is vain and shallow to think it looks great. This luxery is at the expense of some poor and innocent creature that was beautiful when it was alive.

  13. Artistic appreciation comes from seeing the beauty in the “is”, not the “should be”. Art is then then wrong place to attempt to preach morality. I don’t like the idea of androgeny either, but artistically, this is a beautiful and creative editorial.

  14. It’s stunning –
    To the those who cry wawawa about nudity – you need to grow up. These images are not vulgar. In that much needed growth spurt; one should also fine-tune their perception of human nature – differentiating the matter in its most elemental form versus the vulagarity cultivated by modern society.

    I am against animal cruelty and the use natural fur for superfluos use. Fur actually does look fantastic – and thus it is perhaps impossible to banish the aesthetic but we should take a more definitive stand for top to bottom usage of engineered furs. Hopefully the move by Karl Lagerfeld a couple seasons ago has created an everlasting ripple by showcasing advances and masterful technique in engineered furs.

  15. In regards to Iselin; she is truly magnificent. There is so much presence in her absence – if that makes any sense. Iselin vanishes like the sun but yet returns with such clout in her seldom.

    I remember how captivated and lost I was staring into her eyes when first viewing the Versace Bright Crystal campaign and the same even now. The magic lies in her emotiveness – the aparition of human essence.

    Best all around poser? – most possibly Raquel Zimmerman/Natasha Poly.

  16. hmmm…Pretty boy and lesbian bondage fur orgy… the only thing vulgar about this is the glorification of dead animals that are tortured, maimed, and killed for the profit of some sick passe’ pleasure that can just as easily be made faux. Beyond this,the images and models are beautiful.


  17. “I wanna see clothes not tits!” < Have you thought about going to a store? The other option is maybe to stop looking at Italian Vogue and focus perhaps on American Vogue? Just sayin'. 🙂 That said, I find this piece dull. The light simply doesn't set the right tone. It actually looks commercial.

  18. This is not art. This is a bunch of naked, unattractive models who are laid in a pile on the floor. Beautiful nudity is done by the likes of Monica Bellucci, not these pale, pasty models who obviously have low standards.
    Geeze. Is art these days just revealing your hoo-hoo?

  19. I read “Bellucci”, and I’d just like to say… ok any kind of consideration about this, about nudity, but I think it has no sense to consider one kind of (naked) beauty better than another and so somehow more “arty” – at least imo this isn’t how things should work!
    And yes, there are people who prefer (not just talking about fashion, but personally too), just an example, the east European “pale” kind of beauty than the classic Mediterranean one (for the record: not by itself “more healthy”, some girls are thin by themselves and period)… I hope it’s not a crime, or there are good chances I’m going to jail for years… hehe and sorry, I admit she is amazing, but I don’t even like Bellucci so much… peace 🙂

  20. This looks gross and fake. The colour is all wrong. It’s way too bright for starters. Freja looks as pale as the rest of them. Where is her/his tanned skin? The “boys” (Michael, Andrej, an Tomek) are better looking than the “girls”. They should have just shot an editorial with all 3 boys only. Maybe bring in Bruce Machado, Marcel Castenmiller, John Cherkas, and Bartek Borowiec to replace those girls. And get rid of the horrid pale bright lighting. Use soft romantic lighting instead. To show a more natural, yet romantic look and feel to the editorial. Yeah that would have been something to see. Oh yeah, and the whole “too many bodies piled up approach” isn’t doing it either. I say they should’ve done pairs (with the people mentioned above) added an extra boy. Like Ian O’brien. And when shooting several people at one time they should have placed them in artistic gentle positions. Not all of that flung-out piled up stuff. It looks awful. Can’t wait to see what some new photographers have to offer. Out with old and in with the new I say. 🙂

  21. well, yes . . . fashion brings out one’s sexuality,
    pervertism, and even penetrates deeper into the homo psyche. yes, well here fur mynching is implied that’s for sure.

  22. I hate everything that has to do with furs. I cannot believe that we are in the 21st century and yet people still likes fur … personally I do mind animal suffering.

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