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A glimpse at the things we’re into this week.

Are magazine themed fragrances the new black? After the success of Byredo’s Fantastic Man scent, it seems another magazine and niche fragrance house are coming together for a limited edition perfume. Another Magazine and Le Labo join forces for Another13, commissioned by Jefferson Hack and smelling strongly of ambroxan aka “a synthetic animal musk hand-picked in our NYC lab by Jefferson.” Sounds exciting.

Venerable candle maker Cire Trudon opens a NY boutique right on the corner of Bond and Bowery. The store brings a touch of French history downtown: did you know that Cire Trudon is the world’s oldest candle store, servicing everyone from Marie Antoinette to Madonna?

Every year the Neiman Marcus Christmas book provides something completely over the top that delights and frightens us. This year for the low low price of 15K you can have an edible gingerbread house designed by Dylan’s Candy Bar, which takes the term “conspicuous consumption” to a distressingly literal place, but damn if it isn’t cute in theory.

  1. And I would LOVE to see a picture of the person that buys that 15k gingerbread house, their image should be published in the next Neiman’s catalog along with a review of the gingerbread.

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