1. Freja looks so different…so soft. It’s like Meisel manages to find a different side to her. On a different note, I love Franca’s titles! Haha. They sound so revolutionary! Haha

  2. Iselin and Freja
    Norwegian and Danish
    they make a very amazinggg.
    Mix together . i think their very sexy !

  3. Two of my favorite models…..

    Iselin. I just love her!!! She’s the best in the art of posing.

    Freja is a Superstar.

  4. Gorgeous. Such an image is what a beautifully executed dual cover page is all about.. so neccessary.
    This has a type of ethereal, stoic quality
    that brings me right back to Caroline Winberg’s VI cover by Meisel for March/04

    Iselin reminds of Kristen McMenamy
    in 08/10 VI – sans the sludge yet almost as glorious.

  5. one of the most beautiful covers of the moment: Italian Vogue always delivers the goods and I loooooove the poses and the whole vibe of this image

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