The Legend of Lauren

With the Met’s Model As Muse exhibition little more than a month away, more and more publications are looking to models as a source of fashion inspiration. This month Vogue Paris salutes the legendary style of Lauren Hutton within its pages. Knoepfel & Indlekofer capture Laura Blokhina looking luxe while Veronique Didry‘s savvy styling nails the laid back 70s glamour that Hutton personified. With her high cheekbones and languid demeanor Blokhina is the absolute spitting image of Lauren in her youth and serves to remind us of all those amazing Lauren moments over the years.


Lauren Hutton for Estee Lauder

Laura Blokhina by Knoepfel & Indlekofer for Vogue Paris | Image Credit achAT scans


Lauren Hutton by Vincent Peters for Vogue Germany

  1. I’m sorry, gogo, but I believe she’s a bit older… If I’m right, this year she’ll turn 66. But no matter how old, I agree, she’s fab!

  2. Legendary indeed. BIG magazine had a great issue dedicated to her a few years ago that is pure heaven.

  3. Wow Lauren Hutton, she was a model way before my birth.but still i know her name. She is a must to know name in models dictionary.

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