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Mario Sorrenti‘s droll cover with Kate Moss for last fall’s Purple magazine was just a peek at the man for all the fans of his enigmatic and unconventionally bewitching photography. Luckily, this month in Vogue Hommes International, the broodingly handsome lensman turns the camera upon himself for a 7 page solo story showcasing all sides Sorrenti. Whether a leather jacketed bad boy, a tux wearing skateboarder, a guitar straddling rocker or a dapper and sophisticated man of the world, Mr. Sorrenti shows he’s as captivating in front of the lens as he is behind it.

Ph: Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Hommes International S/S 09

  1. Whoa. Wasn’t expecting the lipstick shot.
    The skateboard shot is very cool. Quite impressive too.

  2. I love it when photographers and designers are the subject in photos…Marc Jacobs is also a master at that.

  3. Mario is not only a brilliant photographer, but he happens to be a very beautiful man. Very, very gorgeous and deliciously androgynous.

  4. wanna do lipstick mr Sorenti? Herb Ritts took a picture of Philip Seymour Hoffman with red lips..that was pure genius..but of course you guys love this…

  5. My attention goes to the last pic…what a charismatic attitude with the “contradictory” outfit/skate…that’s a powerful message which gives inspiration & energy. Mr Sorrenti reflects authenticity and innovation probably due to his origins.

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