1. Hanne is good in the quirky editorials; however, I would not consider her to be a versatile model. I am not that impressed. I think Hannah Holman would have been better.

  2. The styling is great in the first shot, the rest aren’t so hot, but this is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen Hanne look. Bravo.

  3. I don’t lik this, it’s been done before in more commercial magazines.. but Hanne does look pretty good hre.

  4. The shoot and model are fine but why is there a military trend? I really don’t know if people are aware of this or not but the war and the bloated military budget is what is taking money away from the fashion industry to begin with not to mention that the military is most likely going to kill someone overseas who is most likely innocent. Oh yeah, one more thing the military has been especially awful towards women and the gay community who serve in the military, so I really don’t get this trend.

    Wake up folks this is seriously the wrong direction or trend to be promoting.

    Personally, I want to be apart of the fashion industry not only because it “slows the machine of destruction” but it instead fuels creativity, art and ideas which IS essential in life and not enough money is put into fashion/art as it is.

  5. @Elisa- when I think if a $5,000 Balmain jacket I do not think of the war in Iraq. I am guessing that hardly anyone else thinks that, too. Plus, it is not like any of the money that we spend on military trends are going into the “bloated military budget”. I most definitely support our troops over in Iraq & Afghanistan, but I do not believe that something as simple as shoulder pads is “the wrong direction or trend to be promoting”. Fashion is controversial, but at the end of the day, it is just fashion.

  6. Elisa, I think it is very irresponsible and delusional to go around saying our military are just killing innocent people and thats all. And if you think our military is awful towards gays and women, what about the Taliban regime we are fighting against who stone gays to death, murder women in public arenas, and deprive them of jobs, education, and basic necessities. I think you should inform yourself before you make those awful comments about the men and women of our country and many others who sacrifice their lives to stop the Taliban regime and their abominable acts.

  7. 60% of Irak casualties are civilians… i don’t agree with the idea of common people dressing up uniforms like the one I see Hanne Gaby’s wearing, I’m not going into more details on war and who is good and evil but it’s all about oil and money (and for sure middle east don’t need either one) not about gays or human rights. Fashion can’t be more wrong this time.

  8. @ Ale and Josh:

    I think the fact that my brother was in the US special forces and did several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan justifies my every opinion about the war and it seems to me that you need to learn about the monetary system and wake up to reality. BTW the US funds the Taliban and their abominable acts…now explain to me why the fashion industry and the economy is suffering and why you support “our” troops getting killed in Iraq? At the end of the day fashion is not just fashion it is a personal statement I bet you if people went around wearing a swastika I think you would disagree that it’s “just fashion”. INFORM yourself and reconsider this “military trend” as being in.

  9. @!Elisa- I guess I did not explain myself well enough. I do not support the War in Iraq, I respect our troops IN Iraq. Do I think they should be there? NO, but I commend people like your brother for fighting for this country.

    Secondly, wearing a swastika is soooo completely different from wearing the military trend. Hitler’s goal in life was to kill every race, excluding Aryan. The people that helped him along the way wore these swastikas. There was nothing positive about these symbols; however, during WWII, which countries helped the Jewish reclaim there freedom and justice? American, British, Canadian, and several country’s militaries helped in this endeavor. Sure, there have been some not-so-great moments in our militaries, but if it wasn’t for these militaries, the countries listed above would not be thriving like they are today.

    The people you should be mad at are not the fashion people, it should be the government for allowing these wars to continue. I personally believe that dressing up like a soldier is in some ways a form of idealization. I do not know where you are from, but here in America, soldiers are role models for young kids. Soldiers here are considered positive, so why not dress like one?

  10. @ Josh

    I’m not mad with the fashion industry, I’m disappointed because the fashion industry does have to choice to voice their opinion and make a statement about what is happening. If you read the news lately there was recent documentation of the attrocities that our (yes, I’m American) troops committed in Iraq for what purpose? How is that positive? The fashion industry does have the responsibility just like they will never produce garb with swasticas they should also not promote military especially at this time. I challenge you or anyone in the fashion community to make a statement that is powerful and show creativity and substance against this war…don’t bring back bell bottoms and hippy shit, not anarchists but some new image…we need the fashion industry to seriously fight back and not pretend everything is hunky dory.

  11. @ Elisa

    I am not trying to brick back “bell bottoms and hippy sh!t”, I just want people to take a look at how the soldiers in America have had an affect on how we live today. Most of us here live comfortable, stable lives because there are people over seas protecting us.

    As for the killings of innocents civilians in the Middle East: that is very unfortunate, but it does not mean all the soldiers did partake in these vicious crimes. We need to maintain a positive moral when it comes to the soldiers. It would be an insult to all the true heroic soldiers if the people over at Vogue shed them in a bad light. Let the news handle the negative stories, while the fashion industry tries to promote the positive.

  12. @Josh

    Sorry, but I certainly don’t see soldiers as ‘positive’, and they certainly aren’t fighting for this country, or our freedom. They’re fighting for coporations and empire. The military look or trend doesn’t bother me really, because it’s just a look. The fashion industry couldn’t care less about real soldiers or far away wars.


    I totally agree with most of what you said.

    As far as this particular editorial goes, it’s tired. The model is beautiful though.

  13. before you judge Elisa, I’ll have you know my brother is in the Army as well…so your not the only one with “insider” information… I’d like to see you live your day to day life that you’ve come to know without the sacrifice that millions of soldiers and their families have made for us…this country and your life would look a whole lot different without it.

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