Boys Will Be…

Menswear editorials have always played with ideas about androgyny and gender, but fashion is experiencing a drag moment these past few months. You could call it the Candy effect; the groundbreaking transgender fashion mag launched with a now infamous editorial / cover by Brett Lloyd and since then photographers from Nick Knight to Terry Richardson and Steven Klein have all incorporated drag looks in their photographs. Shots of boys in girls clothing test the versatility of male models (who knew Cesar Casier looked so great in a shift dress) and challenge archaic rules about who can wear what, but are you enjoying fashion’s love affair with all things drag? Let us know in the comments!

Benjamin Warbis by Nick Knight, styled by Nicola Formichetti for Arena Homme +

James Franco on the cover of Candy Magazine by Terry Richardson.

Jordan Coulter shot by Mariano Vivanco and styled by Nicola Formichetti in Hercules

Sweater girls Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin and styled by Vanessa Reid in Pop

Cesar Casier and fellow man in drag join Lara Stone in Steven Klein‘s story for Vogue Paris

  1. I can’t stand the forced shock value that magazines have been trying to shove down our throats lately.

  2. I’m hoping it stops being “shocking” and becomes mainstream for people to play with gender. I love it!

  3. As someone who is tg, and tries desperately to fit in with the fashion crowd without being called out. To me on the one hand it’s kitsch and funny and there’s a tiny hope it will blend barriers as it becomes more common. But ultimately looking at it from a average persons view point, it is does feel like gross shock value and comes off tacky. Except paris vogue(they know how to make everything romantic and ethereal, testament that they are a superior race of people). However the Candy thing is what it is. And it seems “pedestrian” to say the least.

  4. I’m in love with the Candy cover. James F. is showing those other male models how it’s really done!! Amazing.

  5. James Franco just won my heart over. Didn’t care for him too much at first, but then came Milk, and now this. I love and respect. He’s one of the few hollywood actors I take seriously.

  6. The challenge for any artist is to show something in a way that is conceptually different and aesthetically pleasing.
    This is neither!

    It’s so sad when genuine creativity is replaced with tasteless and boring images.
    Shock value? In 1955 maybe!
    In 2010……yawn!

  7. I think it’s very interesting. I love the photographs to be honest. I think it’s a voice that is underrepresented in fashion…I wonder where it will go.

  8. The picture from POP has to be seen in context of the whole story – it’s quite a beautiful spread of different men and interiors. When I first looked at it I didn’t even really think much of men in women’s clothes as just a great mood set up by the photographic team and stylist.

    I agree that none of these images are revolutionary. And they are not so much for a transgender audience but more for the mainstream.

    One of my favorite online publications is geared for trans men:

  9. Of course it’s about selling magazines! That’s what magazines do whether they portray men in skirts or females in pants, they want to sell magazines! What’s weired is that pics like this still can make people upset in 21st century. Just enjoy it!

  10. Men in drag,, please… i mean whats next.. why dont they just use really Transgenders than using male.. if there is a lack of trans genders than give them a chance. dont put poor male models look like something they arent..
    To be honest i stick with GQ and othermaly magazines.. and if we look at the magazines with the selling point of view.. not big sales.. fashion as art,, hurray ” we did something new”. what a shame.
    i want 90s back. men as men and women as super hot women and yes give trans genders some space it would be good for a change but than i mean real trans gender. Not poor James Franco.. i dont find him hot anymore after this cover.. and yes please dont mention the only model used in Givenchy campagin who was a trans gender.. i know about it.. and thats kinda last year for me…

  11. It’s fashion it’s Fun, whatever, it’s just pictures, it’s just clothes… I’m not shocked, ugly pictures and uglier clothes shock me, thank god menswear has still some room for fun because SS11’s womenswear is full of hideous useless clothes… That should give us something to worry about, not boys in lipstick…

  12. It’s kinda hot. I don’t see anything shocking here, the whole male models in drag thing has been going on for a while.

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