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Natasha Poly lands her seventh cover of Vogue Paris with an artfully styled image shot by Mario Sorrenti. Showing off her fresh new hair color and some incredible electric blue eye makeup Natasha looks at ease in the hippie chic ensemble and adds a touch of class to the bohemian theme of the cover.

Image Credit | Women Milan

  1. its pretty amazing to me that Carine can shoot the hair for the Givenchy show BEFORE the show has happened. i think thats kind of wrong for magazines to favor designers so heavily. i would think other french designers would be furious with french vogue.

  2. OMG! Natasha Poly doing it again for the 7th time amazing! She should be on the #1 list now and to be an icon! Love love Natasha!

  3. @ Benjelee, nobody may be this cover had been shot at the last minute! It happens sometime and I wouldn t be surprised since she apparently hasn’t any editorials inside this issue.

  4. I love the Givenchy hair. But i say it again, i loathe the bleached eyebrows on covers.
    I don’t think it’s time for Natasha to be on #1 already though. We have to remember that she didn’t have any big campaigns this season and we have to wait for next season and it seems like Gucci doesn’t like her that much anymore.

    As much as i love Natasha, i hoped for Sasha. Maybe next year…

  5. Excuse me she has Lanvin for H & M thats big! with all the publicity… Its time for her to be number 1 number 1!

  6. Natasha will become number 1. She wasn’t on so many campaigns for Fall, but I think she needed a break from all the past season she dominated. I’m sure she’ll be back for Gucci next season. Good work.

  7. Dear God Finaly she dyed her hair natural!!!
    Her blonde hair become abusive in a way…
    I wish she also dye her eyebrows…
    She also didnt had any edits in the Sept07… I agree with Tara Vogue Fr despartly need new casting coz Anja,Isabeli are kinda borrringgg… Joan Smalls can be a good cover model for VogueFr…

  8. Well, let us consider her entire modeling career not just season after season . She has done so many things already, I believe it is enough to put her to number 1. Some models didn’t have much shows this season and less campaigns but they are still in top of the rankings, I think it’s a bit unfair. As for the Gucci Campaign, she has been their muse for a long time so it is not a loss for her she has done it and it obvious and a trend that designers will use another model.

  9. Grace Freja have 7campaigns this season
    and she is n2. My opinion when Natasha had 9adds 2years ago why she was backthen n3 ??
    ps noone can rip Lara off. 3parfumes in 1year…Lara 4eva

  10. Natasha can do haute & editorial very well. She is beautiful and will have a long-lasting career. I love her work!

  11. I absolutely love this cover and I would love it even more if Marcelia Freesz was the Cover instead! it looks like they gave natasha her hair color at Givenchy, so nice.

  12. There is enough reason why Natasha is on the cover of Vogue Paris for the 7th time, and she will have more covers to come!

  13. This cover is not her best but it’s amazing

  14. I dont understand why Carine never gives a cover to Raquel Zimmerman. A lot of editorial but never a cover. She deserves.

  15. maybe carine doesnt like raquel in some way, it’s like natasha never has an american vogue cover. Anyway, love natasha’s work.

  16. Oh my gosh !! oh my gosh !! Im crying right now …!! the cover look absolutely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Never thought I would say this…but…I’m kinda over Natasha…and in all honesty…that hair is not all that flattering either…sorry!

  18. AMAZING Cover! Natasha can pull off any hair. congratulations for her 2nd Vogue Paris this year,and 11th Vogue cover world wide this year, so this cover makes her 30 vogue cover?

  19. am I missing something? i don’t think this cover does her justice. Love her but I don’t think anyone can make a good case for her taking the #1 spot over Lara (or Freja in my opinion)

  20. wow!sexy bitch love her so much! this cover rocks!!!!!!! american vogue is so commercial! paris and italian vogue are very high fashion…

  21. как же заебала поли на обложках вог пэрис
    будто других моделей нет

  22. Can’t make a good case for Natasha “taking” numero uno from lara? Interesting.

    To put things in context. Natasha is Lara’s momma in model years. She has secured numerous campaigns, smashing covers, beyond dynamic editorials and record show seasons over her illustrious, near decade-spanning career.

    The woman has perfected the craft of modeling – to a level of physicality and inspiration seldom seen today! and still she’s going strong and maintains an incredible level of consitency due to her still high demand. You can easily compare the 2 bodies of work, right here on MDC even.

    Lara is fantastic in her own right, mostly due to her arriving during a time in which her rude, chesty appearance caused such a stir. But Natasha’s body of work speaks volumes …of the megalithic variant..She needs no #1 sticker – the chips are fully capable of aligning themselves….

  23. I agree, American Vogue is very commercial you could tell by their covers it’s mostly celebrities and the layout of it.

  24. Yes, Natasha should be number 1 already. A models career should not be based on how she did on a season. Nigel S. is correct, Lara is an amazing model, but the body of work that Natasha has already done is beyond incomparable!

  25. ugh sooooooooo sick of her. VP is so tired now. Same 4-5 white girls on the cover and people want to criticize US Vogue….. ughhh

  26. People can be so dumb with Natasha should be #1. Se didn’t got any campaign last season and therefor only Gucci. It’s the question if she gets one tis season. She didn’t have many big ed. like Lara did and also not a parfumecontract. LAra was at the birthdaycover soo think who should be number 1.

  27. Lara is number one at this moment. She has three fragrance contracts, one beauty contract, a calvin klein contract, is a Vogue Paris favorite, is a favorite from Meisel, M&M, Klein, McLellan and is loved by labels such as Givenchy, Prada and Calvin Klein.
    Natasha is close, but not as popular as Lara.
    Sasha and Freja next, and MCB should be on the icons list.

  28. I don’t really care who’s “number one” but Natasha definitely deserves it, this girl has been working non-stop for like 6 or 7 years, looking better everyday. She deserves all of the success that comes her way.

  29. Hey! Natasha isn’t in the model’s money girl list? OMG
    probably she’s a icon and you say more than me but i think that Natasha have many many money, she works in the fashion industry from seven year now, and she has had a Gucci by Gucci contract (2007-2008), Gucci contract from 2008 to 2010 and a Blumarine contract (2008-2009) and now probably with Givenchy.
    And Emily Didonato that works in this business for 2 years is the 19th money girl and Natasha isn’t in the list? OMG this for me has no sense, or Abbey Lee that work from 3 years, . .. Natasha need the money’s girl list,
    bye bye 😀

  30. The Gucci 500 campaign it’s from Fall Winter 2011 not Spring Summer 2011.
    The shoes are from Fall Winter 2011 and this campaign is also for celebrate the 90th Anniversary, Fall Winter 2011.

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