Farm Fresh

Is there anyone more suited to the classic British getaway editorial than Stella Tennant? She just looks right at home in tweed and a pair of Wellington boots, no wonder she remains the go to girl for such stories. Case in point Vogue‘s latest tribute to travel shot by David Sims and styled by Grace Coddington featuring Stella roughing it in Fair Isle sweaters and woolen skirts. Were guessing that the average sheep herder doesn’t wear Galliano while tending to their flock, but the in the surreal world of fashion it manages to look just right.

  1. Stella looks just like she did 15 years ago. What a great model, new models should be learning from her.

  2. I have to totally disagree. US Vogue is becoming its own entity. You can’t compare it to Vogue Italia or Vogue Paris. Stella is fantastic and well deserved comeback. She is one of a kind

  3. Stella looks amazing! And…she has eyebrows…which is (strangly enough) a rarity nowadays with all the ‘bleached eyebrow’ gals

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