1. Naomi is so good in front of the lens. There’s so much energy and emotion coming through. I always love to see her in editorial work.

  2. Ok, I honestly thought these words would have never come out of my mouth, but: “Mathilde is absolutely my fav here!”. hehe btw I have to say I honestly expected great from her, that’s the one and only reason she somehow disappoints me sometimes, ’cause after all she’s a good and reliable model for sure; here too – I simply love her delicate expressivity/pout!


  3. I like Mathilde, always have, a shame she is not more popular. She is very good in front of the camera, very emotional.

  4. Is it me or all of the editorials are sooooooooooooooo…..dead.I mean no emotions,in the models’ eyes no passion…it’s like there souls has been sucked away leaving an empty shell like bodys.
    Or is this just depression moments…..I am not really inspired by it at all.

  5. whoever did the eye make up wants talking too, they all look as though they are doped up. the makeup is far to heavy under the eyes. otherwise nice shots

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