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With the amount of controversy W‘s Kim Kardashian meets Barbara Kruger art issue cover generated, it was easy to forget that there was an entire issue filled with content. One stand out story is artist Alex Prager‘s slick editorial that merges her signature stylized and staged style, with a fashionable twist courtesy of stylist Carolyn Tate Angel. The eclectic cast comprised of Irina Lazareanu, Jessica Joffe, Binki Shapiro and Liza Thorn spends a day at the races and the unorthodox feel of Prager’s images makes for an especially appealing tale.

Image Credit | Marilyn NY Blog

  1. This is so dull and depressing. I am guessing the story was about a woman who feels alone in a crowd full of people. If so, then this story has been repeated & copied soooo many times. Irina, please do not settle with mediocre work!!!

  2. never been an Irina fan – but this story is really beautiful. I love this photography, theres a lot of skill in the images

  3. I loved this the moment I saw this earlier this month when she was visiting Aperture. Alex is a fine art photographer and is respected in the art community for doing work exactly like this: mysterious scenes with a hitchcock vibe that is clearly staged and made to look a little plastic. It is great to see the crossover. The world of fashion photography is looked down upon in the fine art world so I think this is another great step forward for the two communities to come together.

  4. typo on binki shapiro’s name.

    alex prager’s work overall is interesting but undeveloped at this stage. and this story isn’t even close to the better stuff in her book. or at the moma show right now.

    but there are stronger art photographers out there who tackle fashion as a subject. big fail on the magazine’s part for this “art” issue.

  5. true irina was IT girl in 2006,her charm is lost in history…
    thank god i have all the Madge W issues, coz how things goes they will never continue…
    W become from gloss mag to a 70s postponed paper that is printed now…

  6. looks like Malcom X in the top left hand corner of 3rd pic! but cool pics and Irina looks so cool in the last pic

  7. irina was my favorite model and i was just flipping through some of her pics from a few years ago. amazing. these however are so drab.

  8. Not really into Irina these days.. could’ve used a more exciting girl because these are such boring pictures, Constance would’ve been perfect.

  9. omg and I agree with Lily, she totally looks like Audrey Marnay here, please bring back Audrey! she had such a great look, she is the original “quirky” model.

  10. The extras here are really really engaging… they all have great faces, expressions and styling. They make this ed stand out for me.

  11. Eamon says:
    “The extras here are really really engaging”

    The extras are so engaging they overshadow the focus, which is the clothes and accessories on the model :/

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