Georgia On My Mind…

When someone describes a model has having pouty lips, gap teeth, lush waves of blonde hair and an altogether enviable figure they are usually talking about the incomparable Lara Stone. While no one can really compete with the queen of high fashion sexy we can’t help but think of Lara when we look at the baby-faced Georgia May Jagger.  With her very sensual curves and youthful charm she represents a kinder, gentler version of the Bardot-esque allure. In the April edition of Vogue Russia Matt Irwin captures the Brit teen looking sultry as she poses in Spring’s girliest minis.



Georgia May Jagger by Matt Irwin | Image Credit, One Minute Scans

  1. Oh wow. This girl could be an true Icon. Let’s give her time to grow into it.
    Best of luck, Georgia May!

  2. i don’t normally like socialite-celeb type models.. but this one is gorgeous.. a bit of Abbey lee

  3. Holy Comparisons!
    Let’s let the girl be herself a little. I’m sure she is not trying to be anyone else at this point.
    Don’t forget, she didn’t actually do her own styling/make-up/hair/photography, so accusing her of imitating is a bit silly.

  4. The only feature her and Lara share are gapped teeth and blonde hair, she’s beautiful in her own right.

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