Legends of the Fall

Every magazine is presenting their vision of autumnal bliss with their November issues and the look created by Vogue China is sumptuous and rustic. Hans Feurer‘s shots of Ming Xi in a picturesque forest are about as fall as you get and Anne Christensen‘s styling is a gorgeous mix of feminine and pastoral. Simply gorgeous!

Image Credit | Scan by Aja Mok @ tFS

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  1. i really like this model, ever since her givenchy exclusive i have really hoped she will grow and climb to the top

  2. Wow, a different kind of take on what is an Asian Beauty….. kudos to Vogue China.

    Not all Asian women have to be a perfect flawless porcelain doll looking (like du juan, Devon Aoki, actress Zhang Ziyi) they can come in different packaging like ming……. strong, tough…. too!

  3. Ohh she was the one on the cover of Vogue China, was trying to find out what her name was, so gorgeous, would love to see her parents, she has really unique features.

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