Go Wildcats!

If you are old enough not to get the reference point of this entry title then you may not have heard of the phenomenon that is Zac Efron. Ask the nearest 12 year old and they will expound in great detail on the importance of all things Zefron.

When the current king of teen zeitgeist was looking to sex up his squeaky clean image he turned to the considerable talents of Mikael Jansson and the team at Interview. Naturally there was only one model with the kind of raw earthy appeal necessary to dirty the most pristine teen idol on earth. Edita Vilkeviciute plays minx to Zac’s boyish charmer, wearing nothing but a coy look as they wrestle in the mud. While she may be a year younger than Zac, she is clearly the more worldly party in their steamy pictures.

With such a provocative performance it’s no wonder that Edita is suddenly all the rage in the mainstream press. Extra, Access Hollywood, even the the stodgy Fox News are all scrambling to find out more about the Lithuanian beauty. Wonderful news since there really is no one more deserving of a major pop culture moment or more primed for  a crossover.

For even more Edita check out Interview Magazine.

Edita Vilkeviciute by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine

  1. This is wonderful and scandal making. I love when stars pose with models, it is always a good idea. Remember in Vogue when Josh Hartnett posed with Gemma or when Pharrell posed with Karolina? Models always look good next to stars and make stars look good.

    In the next Interview, Vanessa should pose naked with Baptiste to make Zac jeallous!!!

  2. Major Stepping Stone for Edita….. If she’s smart, she should hawk herself out there, get more campaign deals, contracts or even a film cameo. This is good for her being with Efron even for a minute. We know how Fashion Modelling is, after a few great season a Hot model will be replaced by a new face!

  3. Very interesting.
    Edita looks like such a woman here. I wonder what the age difference between them is?
    I’m eager to see more.

  4. ^ I think Edita is a year younger than Zac.Zac is 21, Edita is 20.Such a great step for Edita. Hopefully she can be supermodel in the future

  5. Excuse me Ms Bar, Why is she an icon?……Icons are Iman, Linda evanngelista and Kate Moss….Gisele is just getting there.

    Tell me Please?

  6. Ambigous if you believe they are icons you should really learn to spell their names correctly.
    He should have at least his shirt off. Do you think Disney will drop him for this??

  7. Holy guacamole that’s a body and a half, Edita, I love you even more now that I’ve seen you in the raw…

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