Split Personalities

Max Vadukul and stylist Nicoletta Santoro show two different sides of Patricia van der Vliet and Karlie Kloss for November’s Vogue China. On the cover the girls are a picture of sweetness in coordinating looks from Vuitton, but their editorial tells a very different story; dressed in shades of red and sporting long wigs, Karlie and Patricia play vixens. Which look do you prefer – sweet or sexy? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit | Aja Mok @ tFS

  1. First of all, what an interesting but very impressive duo. I love Patricia’s only girl editorials (and she has a hole lot of them), but I think she looks even more outstanding in multi-girl or duo editorials. Remember the one with Sigrid.
    I very love the cover, but the ed is really dynamic. Karlie and Patty look great.

    To very much more editorials for this impressive models.

  2. Love the cover, but I just wish the cover and the editorial had some cohesion. The girls still look great, though.

  3. I like the cover , i don’t like the ed . I feel like theres a bit of an overdose of Karlie Kloss going on in the fashion world at the moment aswell

  4. can never get enough of Karlie…she is the ONLY model at the moment, with Personality and Presence, that really stands out. like Tyra and Shalom before her, and she might be the tallest model in high fashion

  5. Patricia <3 love her since hntm 4 and im glad she made it to the top, she is i think the only girl from topmodel show that really made it (and she never even win the title from the show!) and karlie <3 really sweet 🙂

  6. this might be a silly question but how tall is Karlie? I always thought she was about 5’11 to 6’0 but everyone keeps saying how uber tall she is..

  7. I prefer both styles if to speak about Karlie. Even on the sweet cover she gives a sexy look. She is unique, I like her so much! Naturally professional!
    Plus she looks like my model friend :)))

  8. Lexa: Karlie is probably somewhere from 6’0 to 6’2. I think she’s 6’1, but there’s no way to know for sure.

  9. I like Patricia V,She looks very mysterious and sophisticated.但是我不喜欢Karlie,她长得好丑,走路姿势又奇怪

  10. Wow Patricia is amazing, so beautiful, and she really knows how to work that camera. Such beauties at NY Models!

  11. I think karlie always looks best with red lips and therefore owns the vixen look. patricia on the other hand, seems angelic on the cover, it really suits her.

  12. The cover is great, but the editorial- not so much. Plus what is with Karlie’s pierced lips expression in every freaking photo?

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