The Office

Charlotte Di Calypso is trapped at the office; Miles Aldridge casts the willowy blonde beauty as a bored corporate drone in Vogue Italia. Drowned in a sea of beige and looking aloof, Charlotte drinks from the water cooler, sorts through files and rests against the Xerox all while posing perfectly. Perhaps a little too perfect – is our heroine an idealized worker or is she simply robotic? Aldridge uses his surreal style to great effect and the flawless makeup by Lloyd Simmonds adds to the artificial feel of the pictures, as does the slick monochromatic styling by Cathy Kasterine.

  1. It’s so boring, I love Aldridge’s style and Charlotte is a very elegant girl, but this is just zzzzz.

  2. I thought she was made of wax; that it was a dummy. If it’s done on purpose, it’s ok with me. Thanks, Claude

  3. technically excellent photography, really love the subtle lighting, tones, color…but the blank stares just don’t work for me (probably would be better in a studio situation)!

  4. You people don’t get it! She is supposed to look bored and blank! That’s the point of the editorial. She did a great job.

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