Muse Moment

Paolo Roversi has found a muse in Valerija Kelava, the duo’s second editorial collaboration of the month (take a look at their first in Man About Town)  is a moody tale in Vogue Italia. Roversi captures the haunting quality of Valerija’s look perfectly with his ethereal photos and stylist, Jacob K, adds a touch of wintry beauty via the lush selection of richly textured pieces.

Image Credit | Fashion Does It Better

  1. I have to say, I’m a huge fan of Valerija Kelava. She has such an amazing look. She always does amazing in editorials and I keep feeling this Guinivere Van Seenus quality about her performance every time. She manages to look mysterious, seductive and otherworldly, and on top of that, she has a great presence on the runway.
    I really hope the best for her, and I hope I don’t get tired any time soon.

  2. She’s great but looks so much like Diana Dondoe, why just not bring Diana D back into high-end fashion stuff?

  3. How I love Valerija… She’s a true star.

    Diana Dondoe did a few hot spot shows this season, I believe Ungaro was one. You can perhaps soon expect her back in High-Fashion print.

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