Born Free

Cass Bird captures the carefree, tomboy essence of Freja Beha Erichsen for Dossier Journal, with an editorial that is more about the atmosphere than the clothes. Whether it is a simple shot of Freja standing on a boardwalk, or an engaging portrait of her kneeling in the tall grass, Cass makes each moment look unposed and natural.

Image Credit | RU_Glamour

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  1. She is so lovely!! No Mimi, this is not like her other more “model-y” work, which is amazing too.

  2. she adapts to any situation very well… she is beautiful and soft and very strong and that contrast is hard to achieve and everything she does seems sooo natural and at ease love Freja!

  3. I’ve been so over her. I use to like her when she had long hair but realized it was just the hair style I liked. I’m bored.

  4. This is the editorial I’ve been waiting for – Freja in her pure self. This here is why I’m a Behan.

  5. I never liked her in the beginning but she translates so well and can create a mood and that is why she has become such a great model. Well done Freja. I look forward to working with you in the future.

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