1. Liliane Ferrarezi looks amazing ! so glad to see her again..
    I heard she is also in Italian Vogue – I can’t wait to see more of her .

  2. She’s only 22… I want her back. She did amazing things when she was just a underage girl: Italian and French Vogue covers, major campaigns, major runway appeareances… she is only 22, why did her career stopped? she was like the next big thing!!!! what happened… I hope she’s back now.

  3. I agree with Bibi,Liliane rocks!!! This girl did more then anyone, my opinion her highlight Hermes snaped by the late Mr.Avedon…I want her back on track…

  4. Sorry Eduardo but I disagree with you . I love the styling , location , model and the whole story – genius !

  5. The last three pics (especially the 3rd pic with her profile) IS a deadringer for Keira Knightley…dont u think so?? And i kinda agree that the editorial seems bland… but a black-and-white composition seems visually arresting most of the time…

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