1. its nice but i agree with edward. this reminds me of a spread about some random indie music artist in Fader magazine

  2. Dreamy. Indie. Sensual. The girl is dynamic, end of story. Girls don’t have to look like a “Bond Girl” to be a supermodel, it comes from within… and SHE HAS GOT IT!

  3. i think maybe a part of her appeal is the fact that she sort of looks like an indie rocker as opposed to your typical model. Not a huge fan of Tati but.. I can see how some people would find her appealing

  4. Please explain her appeal? Anyone? Like many before me; these look like some interview illustrations in a mainstream celeb magazine. Next.

  5. Ohh for like one second I thought she was Isabeli lol. Tati is a fine model, I know a lot of people hate on her, but she can look quirky, elegant, punk, society lady, whatever you want, without looking like she’s trying too hard.

  6. I don’t understand her appeal as a model…she looks like just any random girl you see walking down the street.

  7. for a moment it seemed that the model on the photos is isabeli fontana and not tati. what a great transformation. great girl. she tells a story with everything she does. agree; sensual indie. and definetly want to buy “tutto completo”.

  8. You can like this or not, you may think it’s kind of flat, and so Tati… but I think she’s such a surprising model. Especially for the kind she is: it’s not that much easy to find around a model with these “regular features / body presence” (I mean, it’s “first glance impression” – and “regular”: more than most of the models around…) and this much interesting.


  9. Tati has what I call the Daisy Lowe syndrome. Cute girls but absolutely no different than your average pretty girl walking down the street.

  10. what?!?! well, she’s like 22 years old so don’t feel guilty to look at this with sexy eyes, and for those who say she’s not a model you should see the complete editorial to get the idea of Tati’s range in front of a camera.

  11. There is something I like about her. She may not be the most remarkable looking girl, but there’s something there that resonates.

  12. i agree with the comment of her more like an artist/indie type than a model. one of my fave girl along with freja. love her. that’s why i made a tumbler for her! visit it fuckyeahtaticotliar.tumbler.com. 🙁

  13. i agree with kimflorida:

    “I don’t understand her appeal as a model…she looks like just any random girl you see walking down the street.”

    nothing special… for me she is a normal girl and she dont have the model factor…


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