1. Anyone else think that the placement of her boot, the angle her toe is pointed and the way he is holding it is a little….ummm…phallic.

  2. I heard Roberto speak or should I say squeak, he has got a high-pitched woman’s voice for all his manly beauty!

  3. Of course the boot is phallic. The magazine is called “Hercules”. The subject is an exemplar of masculinity. The suggestion is blatant. . .Tasteless, perhaps, and HARDLY subtle. *scoff*

  4. Two very hard workers on the cover, that is fine with me even if the image could’ve been better.

  5. This cover is Amazing! Also HERCULES is a mens magazine so why should the girl be in front! SUPER SEXY, GREAT WORK!!!…

  6. Phallic symbol??? You all need to get laid!! This is a great, fresh and very different cover. love it!!! Congrats guys!

  7. At first glance, Roberto looks like Marcelo Gomes in this photo. And by the way, that is no diss. I love Marcelo <333

  8. I do love Mariacarla, she is a unique beauty. Before I presupposed, her face wouldn’t change and stay the same on every pic, but she is so versatile, absolutely UNIQUE!

  9. Can anyone and everyone agree with me that Mariacarla Boscono is one of the MOST VERSATILE models ever?? I mean, the girl can do no wrong in my book…no hairstyle and picture has ever altered her versatile beauty and allure…that’s why the bitch is a model. And by bitch, i mean goddess. 🙂

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