Cold Comfort

The combination of Eniko Mihaliks one of a kind face and the luxuriously cushy furs chosen by Elissa Santisi make Raymond Meier‘s sleek studio edit in Vogue Nippon, the perfect introduction to winter’s chilly fashions. Temperatures haven’t dropped just yet, but Japan is always one step ahead of the curve – this is already the November issue after all.

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  1. Wow. I don’t think Eniko has ever look this good! I’ll have to watch out for more of Raymond Meier’s work.

  2. she looks dead …she way more interesting then daria but she s not as good as her in front of the camera.. or at least only few photographer r abel to get the best form her

  3. Oh lord people, Chanel was a fur-free collection. It’s all faux. At any rate, Eniko looks as beautiful as always. Such a shame we haven’t seen her on the catwalks – but at least she’s always everywhere in print!

  4. Magical face, love how she can look like a teenager in some pics and like a more mature woman in others, she’s genius.

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