1. Just like Kate Moss a few years back, negative publicity has blown up Naomi’s presence. She’s everywhere. That said, this is probably Naomi’s finest editorial in ages. Naomi always had it in her — I just wonder why it takes bad press to draw the attention of the fashion industry?

  2. Did she just get work done? I sense the listlessness, which can be interpreted as demure, though I’m not sure. Love the contrast in shots and the balancing is quite nice.

  3. I think it’s pretty pathetic that in a way this teaches girls “misbehave, be mean to people, it’s ok, you’re above the law and better than everyone.”

    I don’t care what she does, the attitude makes her ugly & I am so over seeing her diva face.

  4. Literally seconds after I post something that everyone knows is true, it gets deleted? Really? Who knew models.com also backed that kind of behavior. How disappointing.

  5. I need this magazine. I get why peole hate her, even though I am absolutely not one of them, but anyone who says she is ugly is just blind. Perfect in every shot.

  6. For the love of god, how many times do I have to explain the comment moderation system…

    Comments are put in a queue they are either accepted or rejected. If you don’t see your comment, odds are it hasn’t been approved yet so there is no need to post multiple comments about how you’re being stifled and held back because your comment was deleted. It takes time before a comment is approved and is visible to everyone, just because you see it after you click submit, doesn’t mean that it was posted to the site, let alone deleted.

  7. I agree with Miss B.

    It think it’s very pathetic that we as people have to feed off of ignorance and negativity and feed that to our young models.

    Her performance as a model is amazing. However her people skills need to be adjusted. Lets give the young models of the world a chance to shine that aren’t ignorant and using negativity to get them ahead what a corrupted world.

    We all need to wake up.

  8. This is the best editorial EVER!!! It made me feel really weird inside. It did something to me. This is a masterpiece. Naomi is squeezing the sexual tention out of this guy.!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE IT. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The unstoppable, indelible Queen reigns supreme. The original teflon Jane she is.

    To those who call her “oh so negative” and “oh so ignorant” need to put a sock in it.. really.

    I am getting beyond tired of this twisted reality that some hold dear when it comes to Naomi – I am sorry to throw you under the train MissB and Thefuture – but do not pretend as if Naomi is running around killing children, stealing, or getting busted driving under adverse influences.
    She is an easy target for those wishing to sink her but this ship is unsinkable.

    Naomi really is not as bad as you have been led to believe or may actually love to believe. I was in her presence just recently and she was nothing short of kind and warm. Anyone that has been around her over the years can attest, she does have her moments but she is a good person. You couldn’t possibly believe that she is actually “evil”. And that is the truth my dearests. Get over it!

    Viva Naomi!

  10. Linda once took a break (to rest and get some botox), Christy dissapeared for a while and returned but now she´s currently multitasking university/filmmaking/being mom. But this black african queen from England, who is also a supermodel, has always been around because…well, she always knows what to do and how to shock people – even if by throwing things at her minions. This is, by far, one of her best editorials and it sort of sums up the killer-diva spirit she has always been known for.

  11. okay but this my thing tho… all these comments about her ‘attitude’ or whatever else i think is unnecessary. at the end of the day… the woman is cold.

    like she is flat out giving me frozen tundra permaFROST cold. &whatever people have to say about her attitude are well… completely secondary to what actually matters: the art of modeling.

    there are plenty of ‘nice’ models who just cant do it like nay can.

  12. Dear God,

    This woman is flawless. Thats the best cover i have seen in years. The cover look is my fave. Her and Kate rules for

  13. damn , naoimi the quientessential model of the millineum , the queen of all models 25 years in the modelling industry and still shes got the look ,the edge , the sophistication , and the fierceness.love this editorial.

  14. this cover embodies everything about those timeless/CLASSIC models that were working during the the late 80’s/early 90’s(of course Naomi was one of them). She’s been a little ‘rough around the edges’ over the past few years but this def put her back on that classic level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Naomi look this regal before. Longevity at it’s finest! I guess beauty really does come w/age because 40 never looked so good!

  15. i agree with jeremydante, she is a living legend…Noone can top Naomi ever …
    Ps this look like Steven Meisel Dsquared SS 2009… Both MM@Klein copy Mr Steven Meisel…
    Nao 4Eeva and Eva!!!

  16. This is taken straight from a scene in the film Eastern Promises starring Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts.Its about the russian mafia.
    Adore the film and this editorial!stunning.
    watch the film!

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