Sea of Love

Sølve Sundsbø.
Emily DiDonato.
A stunning and effective editorial that takes Emily’s innate sensuality and brings it to the forefront; stylist Franck Benhamou outdoes himself with a selection of revealing metallic pieces that enhance both the story and the model to create a look that is perfection.

Image Credit | Noirfacade

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  1. she is just so stunning. probably would have fit in better during the 90s amongst all the other perfect beauty.

  2. that looks like a cheap spread done by a mert and marcus fan in less than 20 minutes. This is merely a juvenile photographic improptu.

  3. Actually one close up shot from the ed doesn’t look that plastic. They deliberately kept her skin not overly retouched. (comparing with other very retouched photos of solve), love the ed though!!

  4. agreed with Model 100%

    this layout would be more high fashion with Natasha Poly who looks like somebody out of this world.

    Emily is a Maybelline Girl I saw in a commercial in between America’s Next Top Model

  5. agree with T. the up close shot (not posted here) you could see her skin pores and even a little blemishes on her forehead, it really isn’t too retouched if you can see all that! some girls really ARE this perfect.

  6. Okay people ” Emily ” is an amazing model and she is the one who was the model who got casted for this editorial. Not Adriana Lima or Natasha Poly however without a doubt both girls are fantastic and both have made there name in the industry now its time for Emily to share her time in the lime light with those girls. Emily is an amazing model and she represents both beauty and elegance and is a very sweet girl.

    In a matter of time Emily will be on the big screen. It’s okay to share our opinions but to say it should have or it should be lets just give congratulations to Emily and say way to go girl you are Stunning.

    Let’s bring the beauty back to the fashion industry.

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