Lovely Lindsey

The fashion circus had moved on to London and Milan already, but that didn’t stop the beautiful people from coming out to celebrate Gabrielle Revere‘s portrait series of the luminous young star Lindsey Wixson at Sotheby’s last night. In a group of photographs captured at the castings, fittings, and shows Lindsey worked through in February, Revere documented the blossoming of one of fashion’s brightest young lights. A selection of Revere’s photographs had been seen in Life already, the ones that were more journalistic, intent on capturing the moment at hand, but the ones on display at the auction house were all quiet, intimate portraits, featuring Lindsey’s soft face framed in wispy light. Revere explained that in these images, Lindsey herself was the key, more than anything she did or anything that happened to her. “It wasn’t about the content, it was about the experience,” she explained. And what was it about Lindsey that drew Revere to her? “There was something different about her,” she said, “an innocence, a purity that a lot of the other models don’t have. So much of fashion is about putting on an act, but it’s not like that with Lindsey.” Story Jonathan Shia (all images Gabrielle Revere -rep Cornelia Adams– courtesy of d2publicity)

  1. still dont like her. very interesting look and she herself seems nice but i cant stand her look… nothing about it screams model or supermodel to me.

  2. If a model provokes doubts of whether her beauty is “legitimate”, it’s a sign she just might transcend the season fad.

  3. The second picture is stunning.. what a magical face. There’s so much potential here, I can’t wait to see what her work will be like in a few years, it should be amazing.

  4. Actually I’m not sure I like her… She is a little frightening to me with her lips. I wish her good luck in this business .. I know she is a star 🙂

  5. she is so beautiful. i hate the fact people get scared of her beauty. beauty is more than just a pretty face. her unusual and out of this world features make her one of a kind and that is beautiful in its self. she is very young and i can only expect amazing things from her. photographers are sick of photographing models with pefect features – i find photos of models these days all look the same and its very rare i flick through a magazine and suddenly stop and stare at a photo – this happens everytime with lindsey. You were born an original, don’t die a copy.

  6. I think the first two pics were beautiful. She is beautiful. The last picture was a little too Warner Brothers, but regardless, she’s distinctive and is one of the fresher faces that I can see going the distance. She would play a great Jessica Rabbit.

  7. she looks exactly like the cartoons in the movie “Cool World” OMG! haha. not my cup of tea at all, but different and distinctive which is good in fashion.

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