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Up and coming face Tom Lander astonishes in the latest Dazed & Confused Japan in not 1 but 2 energetic stories by Kai Z Feng. With his signature sleepy eyed expression, natural pout, and quintessentially boyish appeal, the seventeen-year-old Brit seems on track to join the ranks of the industry’s top male models. Tom’s incredible face and poise in front of the camera, with spot on styling by Stevie Westgarth make the furs and heavy coats THE must have pieces for winter. (Story by Gary Mazrek)

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  1. I have to disagree with big time on this one. There is NOTHING behind his eyes. He looks so vacant in the pictures. His eye almost looks lazy in the first picture and in the third one he does nothing to pop out. The coat is giving more energy then him.

  2. Is a really new trend but, sometimes, in a social way they see this things a lot bit feminine. But despite that fact, i found really fashionable, with this new trendecy good quality fashion with the lema “no fast fashion”. And the design (In my opinion) it looks like wanted it to go back around the midts 1700 century, as example, the fisrt picture on top, obviously with great influence of modern art in the clothes.

  3. wow – that hair with the chewbacca outfit is something else – just in time for halloween… the hair… hmmm… interesting – reminds me of kid n play…. his face has an oldworld classic appeal and very photogenic

  4. OMG I disagree with Mathew, hello, who needs their eyes testing ???? This model has the sexiest eyes and alluring face, the clothes ae amazing!! great model, clothes and photography!!

  5. I thimk Mathew needs his eyes testing, HELLOOO !! This Models eyes are not only alluring but he has the lot, great clothes, face and photography

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