The Anniversary Party

Vogue Paris celebrates its 90th Anniversary with an unforgettable image of a masked Lara Stone on the cover. Perhaps she’s getting ready for the special costume ball Carine Roitfeld is throwing in celebration of the issue, or maybe Ms. Stone just loves the lace look, either way we’re smitten with this incredible image.

Image Credit | Fashionologie

  1. Now would be good time for everyone to break out all those fashion phrases like “WERQ” “FIERCE” “MAYJAH” and so on so forth as I feel this cover is deserving of any and all praise.

  2. Werk it, twerk it, jerk it, rework it, lurk it, birk it, dirk it, shirk it, smirk it, Lara! Haha! Amazing cover. Now, how’s that, Janelle?! 🙂

  3. HOLY SH*T
    can a cover be more epic fierce werq guuurl sashay mayah!
    Janelle’s kinda right on that one…….

  4. blind me! one of the most eye catching cover for ages! and it’s not becoz of the boobs, it’s the black lace & the chocker! – what an amazing way to define this season’s trend! well done!

  5. absolutly love this cover although the hands look abnormally large but all in all couldnt have been done better by anyone else!

  6. this feels a little too XXX for me. i like implied nude but not t*** in my face cupped by hands. but this is paris vogue so i can’t expect anything else but seeing nudity everywhere, which i like, but not when its the first thing i look at instead of the clothes.

  7. not even a fan of hers, but WOW does she deliver. I can see why she is so in demand. She takes iconic photographs before they are even iconic. Almost a Kate Moss/Linda Evangelista like quality. In fact this coover reminds me of a Linda Evanglista cover. Bravo!

  8. What nudity? I honestly noticed her mouth before her tits. And it’s not vulgar, the way they photographed the whole thing, and “you can’t even see her nipple so it’s not nudity” lol

  9. There seems to be a smattering of this sort of faux porn in the fashion press, fashion mags must be desperate for readership. I’ve never found desperation to be very alluring.

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