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Numero Homme‘s fall issue is a spirited tribute to iconic male style so what better way to kick things off than to have David Agbodji channeling Grace Jones on the cover? The striking image is among the years most memorable covers and manages to present David in a fresh new way.

  1. A very striking cover, agreed that is amongst the most memorable of the year thus far. David looks incredible; so strong and intense

  2. hot, but i am so tired of black models as grace jones. it gets so boring, but i suppose since its a MALE model as oppose to a female black model.

  3. Well if you wanna use Grace Jones as the reference; David is doing Grace better than Grace!! I love this cover. Wouldnt really say Grace at first though, but nobility, sleek, luxurious, and regal; like a prince. As David continues to have a great year really making name for himself as one of the biggest boys of the moment, I hope he finds even more success, and longevity as a Top Model. To the stars, Prince Agbodji!!

  4. Im sorry but this is beyond TIRED… Its bad enough these stylist and photograpgers can not see blk female models outside of the constant Grace Jones ref but now they have to do it with a blk male model? YAwn…Next!

  5. You’d need to read a book on post colonialism or race and representation to really do a photoshot that addresses some of the issues face by someone of black skin in a whit society. How many photographers or stylists have read Franz Fanon or even Paul Gilroy? I suppose that might be too deep for some.

  6. i like this cover, its very vogue meets coming to america. and i wish people would leave racism and drama out of it, its just a nice cover.

  7. Its Hard to keep racism and drama out of something when it is so blatant… dont get me wrong in no way am I say the photographer of this shoot is racist all Im saying is I am tired of seing this sorta one dimensinal way blk people are constantly portrayed in fashion there is more to them than grace jones, animal prints, greased up bodies dancing, harlem renaisance cotton club party referances… It just goes to show that there needs to be more blk people in positions of power in fashion then they can have some say on how they are portrayed…. ( fyi: Im white)

  8. thnks nick..totally right! and when they do use a black girl in a simple, conventional way (jumping in a studio that is, lol) it’s a multi-girl story! besides miss campbell ofcourse…she’s the exeption to the rule. but yeah, black models are very often used with the same references in mind. break out of it already!

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