Are you ready to experience all the dimensions of Kate Moss at once? AnOther Magazine and artist Baillie Walsh take the supermodel into 3D with their latest project, KM3D-1, a special film to be premiered at the start of London Fashion Week. Moss stars as a goddess (talk about typecasting) who shatters her self-image into a million Swarovski crystals, a concept perfect for the in your face nature of 3D. This project marks a series of firsts, including the first time Swarovski’s crystals have been used in a 3D production and the first time Moss and Walsh have worked together since their epic Alexander McQueen F/W 06 hologram.

For those of you in London the entire event will debut at the Haunch of Venison as an immersive video installation, the rest of us can tune in on Friday September 17th to or  Swarovski’s website, to view the film in all its glory. Special glasses will be available in the newest issue of AnOther (on newsstands today) or you can just use the pair you have left over from seeing this summer’s round of 3D blockbusters.

  1. I want to see her. I want to see her again and again because she is a legend. I want to feel all the time I look at her that it’s actually the base. And on this base is created further fashion.
    Kate is a century fashion industry…she is an industry. So enjoy her alive flawless acting as I do

  2. Please no mor Kate!! She should be more exclusive, she is everywhere and it’s getting boring. She was so genius in her ads, totally sold whatever she was wearing, now she looks like she doesn’t wanna be there. Let her rest for a few months please. There should be some exclusivity for supermodels, not this.

  3. Oh not her again… so tired of her… she should really be more exclusive… and I don’t want to see fashion through Kate Moss all the time… have a rest and suprise us dear Kate…

  4. the video is nice and i love kate but she’s looking a little vieja in the raw video. with digital retouching she will have 20 year old skin so that doesn’t matter too much nowadays.