The Men

Hedi Slimane uncovers the souls of his subjects, capturing something raw and unpolished in every picture he takes. For Vogue Hommes International Slimane pays tribute to male modeling icons Mark Vanderloo, Werner Schreyer, Larry Scott, Andree Van Noord & Greg Hansen with a special stripped down portfolio of classic Slimane black and whites. There is nothing childish about these seasoned industry veterans, they’re men through and through and their pictures all but crackle with masculinity and poise.

Mark Vanderloo, Greg Hansen, Werner Schreyer, Larry Scott and Andre Van Noord by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Hommes | Scan by Greyeyes at TFS

  1. The image of the super thin kid model selling mens products concept is over. I think is time for a new generation of models targeting a new market with real buying power. A more mature, healthy, confident, sexy and masculine generation of models and buyers are next, ready and here.

  2. Amazing pictures and amazing men! They were and they will always be the top of male models.
    I love their current look. You can really see they have lived, and that’s the best.

    PS: Debby, Brad Pitt has nothing to do with Werner. Werner has a lot better look and style and everything than Mr Jolie.

  3. male models shuld be real men who look like the IDEAL man. The kiddie look should be gone with i think.

  4. what, no Keith Mallos? Ah Mark. I’ve always wondered – is that a burn scar on his upper chest?

  5. These shots are so raw…and black and white photos bring more attention to details we tend to otherwise miss as opposed to focusing on whether the colors of the clothes or skin, hair are “correct”. I get the same impression from looking at the fantastic all-Lindbergh edition of the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Very real…so real, in fact, they’re almost disturbing. In this world where even 19-year olds get photoshopped to within an inch of their lives in fashion and cosmetics ads, these raw photos of the older generation are surprisingly revelatory, not to mention hauntingly beautiful.

  6. If the days of boys modelling to sell brands should be over, the same should be true also with girls modelling brands.

  7. So glad to see Werner Schreyer looking so fabulously great even at 40. I think he is even sexier now then 20 years ago! and please do not compare him to Brad Pit!! Werner is so much hotter!

  8. Hi JR~
    You are the best forever!
    I’m sittin’ here with my Dad and yours!
    go figure!
    all my love,

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