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We can’t help but love i-D‘s commitment to showcasing fashion’s most beautiful faces and with five new covers featuring 5 exemplary models there is even more to love this fall. The ‘Define Yourself’ issue’s cover stars are girls whose personality and panache have set them apart from other models, the legendary Kristen McMenamy stands alone as an icon, while Liya Kebede has moved from supermodel to celebrated actress.  Relative newcomers like Joan Smalls, Lindsey Wixson and Daisy Lowe are all on their way towards the stratosphere and attention grabbing covers for each girl are sure to become collectibles.

Joan by Danielle Duella and Iango Henzi

Lindsay by Emma Summerton

Kristen by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi

Daisy by Marcel Door

Liya by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi

  1. Kristen is the most modelesque here, from the hair to the features…. j’adoure!

    Daisy and Lindsay are just average Mall Girls.

    Joan’s looks like a bad shot of Zoe Zaldana

    and Liya is Gorgeous. But Liya is, is Gorgeous! Predictably Boring.

    So my fave is Kristen.

    Spotted: Karlie Kloss and Lou Dillon In Gossip Girl! Did u see them?

  2. Joan Smalls rock !! Lindsay looks great , less blow up doll and more cool kid.. Liya & Kristen are icons in their own right .. But why Daisy ?? i just dont get it ..

  3. There is a fine line between tasteful and necessary nudity, and classless nudity. Joan rocks as always, but the cover really is not in good taste.

  4. I really really love Lindsey’s. She’s such a good model for being so new, it’s really quite outstanding. Love this feature, MDC. Keep being awesome!

  5. some say Kristen is the new Linda, although they followed totally different career paths.
    I wonder if Kristen is the breadwinner at Dna right this minute. That was a smart move for her! My muse.

  6. Joan Looks Like Beyonce

    Lindsey Looks Like Drew Barrymore

    Kristen is Kristen..

    Daisey Looks like any other chick and very commercial

    Liya looks like good but im giving the retouchers props for that.

  7. Liya ia moving the fachion industry. I was amazed by her acting in a “Desert flower” ..since then I loved her grace and energy. She is brilliant

  8. Love most of the covers! Naked or not, Joan Smalls has presence! Of course, Kristen is a mega-presence. Lindsey does the least for me…someone else described her best here: She looks like a mall girl.

  9. I think Joan is gorgeous but I don’t get the whole nudity thing on this cover, they could’ve produced such a great photograph with a model like Joan.

    Lindsey looks cool, young, fresh, well, she is all of those things lol. Nice, I would’ve liked a more “model-y” shot but this is fine too.

    I don’t like Kristen’s cover, she looks like she’s winking too hard, I don’t know, looks too strong.

    Daisy’s cover is horrible, what were they thinking? They could’ve done an okay cover with her but this is awful.. Should’ve been Georgia Jagger if they wanted to use a “celebrity model”, her face is wicked.

    My favorite cover would have to be Liya’s, she just gets better and better doesn’t she? She looks more intense these days, when she started out I thought she was gorgeous but so boring in all of her pictures, now there’s more drama, I see a story in her photographs now.

  10. I think Joan looks great, but why the nudity. Joan and Liya’s shot are very similar. Are black girls not appealing without nudity. Most of the girls look average. Joan has something very special about her. She’s a star.

  11. Love that she is representing Puerto Rico. There aren’t a lot of models in high fashion that are Puertorriquenas.

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