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This in from the City of Lights. Though fashion week may be over, Elite Paris continues to enjoy a dazzling season. The current issue of Vogue Paris spotlights a triple feature of their high profile stars, including Eniko Mihalik in a Mario Sorrenti shoot highlighting her chameleon abilities, Malgosia Bela in a lovely Inez and Vinoodh portfolio of her and her son (click here) and current It girl Ymre Stiekema exquisitely photographed in black and white by Patrick Demarchelier (click here). The delightful surprise? Former Gucci girl, Dewi Driegen still displaying the exuberance and allure that attracted Tom Ford to the 3/4 Dutch, 1/4 Indonesian beauty.


Eniko by Mario Sorrenti. Vogue Paris April 09


Dewi by Giampaolo Sgura. Vogue Paris April 09

  1. Love Dewi, though I don’t know how come she is 1/4 Indonesian, doesn’t look Indonesian at all.LOL. Come visit Jakarta Dewi…

  2. EnikÅ‘ is amazing… she is an idol for the Hungarian models!!!(i hope this is not just my opinion…)

  3. More Dewi.
    Less Eniko.

    I love Eniko but I see her too much. It’s like when you eat too many cookies and then you start to hate the taste.

  4. I’m at a loss for words over Eniko’s first photo. To sum up the sentiment, all that I can say is, Legendary. Instant classic. The roast beef is on the roof hun!
    She’s a true long distance runner.

    If anyone recieves emails from Barney’s, you saw that she was in today’s, wearing The Row and looking stunning!

    To Bob Ross, you must have missed it when Dewi was here back in the earlier part of this decade. She’s not new. Or perhaps you know that but just want more.

  5. Eniko = Jodie Foster. In the best possible way. There hasn’t been a girl like her in a long time

  6. Bob, how can you compare a sweet girl like Eniko to a cookie that you consume or not. Who the hell are you sexistic monster?

  7. Nigel S, I remember Dewi very well. She was one of my favorite models but then she went away for a little while. Now she is back and I love it.

    More Dewi!

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