China’s Muse

The September issue of Muse draws inspiration from the red hot fashion scene of China. Sølve Sundsbø shoots Anja Rubik for the striking cover styled by Marie Chaix and China’s biggest star Liu Wen stars in a stunning editorial by Sebastian Kim. The issue serves as an artistic tribute to the impact Chinese talent has had on the fashion industry itself and from the looks of it the content is sure to excite.

EDIT: This just in, there is a second cover! The stunning Zhang Ziyi shot by Yu Tsai

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  1. China themed issue…. yet they put a Polish Caucasian in the cover and Liu, one of the biggest Chinese models out now, tucked in the edit? Things like this confuse me about fashion sometimes, oh dear.

  2. china as porcelain maybe
    besides fashion’s blatantly racist, china never literally means china. chinese covergirl’s don’t sell out magazines,

  3. the cover looks like a bad knock-off of a Macy´s ad done by a publicity/marketing student.
    Anja´s last pic could have been a very successful Thierry Mugler ad (minus the poor hairstyling/photoshop).

  4. This is pure racism. Are the editors afraid that if they put an Asian girl on the cover, people will not buy the magazine? I think they might have lost customers from this issue. Instead trying to shock us with nudity, religion, etc., why not put an ethnic girl on a cover for once? THAT will surprise us, and in a good way!!!

  5. Ugh, I don’t mean to just add to the pile, but really? A blonde European model on the cover? And Liu is hidden inside. Disgraceful. I mean, it’s just… stupid.

  6. Anja is THE GIRL right now! Wow, covers galore! Do we see her moving up to number 2 ranking… seems justified.

  7. totally agree Anja should be in #2 doesnt put everything shes in look at the editorial for Glamour she did with Lily D. that was gorgeous and the H&M magazine also stunning ..put more ANja..

  8. Don’t you guys know Anja has 1/3 Chinese blood? just kidding….
    Liu should be on the cover, it’s so wrong saying China Girl but there is a white girl.

  9. Well, since it’s not Anja’s fault if they put “China Girl” on her, I’ll just say she is looking amazing, better than ever, these are really good pictures of her.

    I think Liu is pretty, I just don’t understand why she’s so huge. A girl like Du Juan was meant to be that huge, Maybelline contract and everything, don’t know what happened.

  10. Maybe everyone is taking this the wrong way… perhaps Anja’s cover isn’t depicting a ‘China Girl’ meaning chinese girl… maybe they’re going for porceline, chine like the crochery 🙂 xx Anja is a babe, Liu is interesting to look at but i wouldn’t say beautiful. and Ziyi is really pretty, like a traditional geisha or something LoL

  11. OK. I love miss Poly to def, and no doubt she is probably gonna kill it during the next few weeks at fashion week, but I think it is totally fair to give the #2 spot to Miss Rubik now. (Honestly though, I still cant understand how Natasha has no campaigns for FW2010) On the flip side though, Natasha has killed the magazine covers this year, and probably already “Cover Queen 2010” (BY FAR!!), but I feel that Anja is more well rounded with continuing support from the high-thrones of fashion AT THIS MINUTE. (fragrance contracts, repeat Fendi face, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, multiple campaigns EVERY SEASON, and the inspiration she herself gives to new up and coming designers). She really has become a MUSE.

    Go Anja!!

  12. hahaha! zzy? what a joke! funy to see her out and about again…pink elephant in the room!!! western media is so pathetic sometimes. liu wen & du juan not on the covers is just a shamble of this mag!

  13. they are soooooo cool and they can model
    that look like lui wen(sorry if i got the wrong person or spell the name wrong) i think

  14. everything is perfect about that last photo..pose/outfit but what’s up with the hair & the shoes kinds throw me off, kinda grandma if you ask me.

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