At Last

Make space on your coffee table for the newest edition of delightfully over-sized publication, The Last Magazine. The dual covers shot by Maciek Kobielski and styled by The Last Magazine fashion editor Alastair McKimm feature two of world’s hottest models wearing two of 2010’s most buzzed about designers; Freja Beha Erichsen and Anja Rubik wear Altuzarra and Graeme Armour, respectively and look completely divine. You’re going to want to pick up both covers for posterity.

  1. Both pics are great, but Freja wears that cool haircut better- love the brunette color & her gorgeous, exotic features!

  2. lOVING more Anja´s cover she looks like shes posing Freja instead looks like someone said deer in the headlights..

  3. I’m a bigger fan of Freja than I am of Anja. Although I know Anja can be photographed much better than this.

  4. <3 FREJA! i think she brings more to the table with her bright brown eyes…Anja kind of brings it but the hair that was caught in the wind ruined it I think by trying too hard.

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