L.A. Story

You can’t beat Hollywood for sheer drama; Francesco Carrozzini taps into that theatrical spirit for Vogue Italia with a story tailor made for Los Angeles. Using her skills as an actress Rie Rasmussen embodies the role of disenchanted L.A. housewife, from cleaning a broken glass off the kitchen floor, to staring blanky at her own reflection, Rie adds emotion to each and every picture.

  1. WOW…with a capital “W”. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the Mario Sorrenti/Natasha Poly editorial for V is getting so much more attention when this is so much more superior in terms of talent. Just my O.

  2. Re comments:

    No one removed anything, we left for an event and the half the comments remained in moderation until we got back this morning. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t always someone sitting around reading through every comment standing in the way of precious freedom of speech rights.

  3. @Kim, it’s because Natasha already did a similar themed ed with VI half a decade ago. Theatrical, film noir. What has she not done and can’t do editorial wise? Oh guess what, she also did this theme better :D.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is aaaaaaaamaazing. Truly spectacular, modern art sophistication at it’s finest. Stunning and brilliant.

  5. every model can’t do this and those that can’t need to take notes. this doesn’t even look like an editorial, these look like screen shots. absolutely beautiful, kudos to the model and creative team in general.

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